I don't know how many folks here are also on Twitter, but I'm offering little chibi portrait commissions like this over there!


Some cute backstory stuff for my high elf cleric featuring his second boyfriend, a tiefling noble. These two weren't together long, but not through any fault of their own.

This took me ages to finish but it's finally done! My permanently exhausted middle aged high elf cleric getting a ride from the shield guardian that accompanies our party. Flower crown courtesy of our halfing ranger.

It's not a confirmed thing yet but one of my D&D groups is considering playing Masks: A New Generation soon so I had to put a boy together. He fell victim to my tendency to give my characters very nerdy names.

Designed some fancy new robes for my half-elf sorcerer. I don't understand why mage robes have to necessarily be ankle length. Maybe some mages would like to show off their boots and have more freedom of movement?

I got Clip Studio Paint yesterday (It's on sale if you're looking for a great inexpensive digital art program!) and did this little portrait of my best boy to play around with it.

New tiefling boy! His name is Reverence, or Rev for short. He's a rogue/bard, noble background but he's always sneaking off to the rough part of town to get into trouble. The designs on his horns are painted and get changed once they start to rub off.

Did a little portrait of my high elf cleric last night, pretty pleased with how it turned out!

The game I've been playing in for ten years is resuming after a few months' hiatus tonight so I had to draw a goofy little portrait of my wizard to celebrate.

Greetings to all again! I wrote an introductory post but forgot to tag it as so I'm doing it over!

My name is Elliott, I'm a non-binary artist living in Canada who's been playing D&D for about ten years. My first game was fourth edition and I've been in two fifth edition games as well, along with various one-shots. I most commonly play spellcasters but I've tried out quite a few classes now. I love drawing my characters and D&D has done a lot for my development as an artist!

Hi! I'm Elliott, I'm an artist who lives in Canada (originally from the US) and I love D&D! Here are some of my characters. L-R & top to bottom:

Aldyn, half-elf sorcerer/rogue
Ithilbryn, high elf cleric
Renton, deva wizard
Darien, tiefling rogue

I'm also on Twitter & Instagram!


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