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The party is now facing their toughest challenge of the session:

A bored teenager chewing gum.



gave my party the info:

"these markings lead north"
"the group you're trailing is moving south"

and watching them flail around overthinking dozens of far more complicated solutions than "there's a deserter"

Cassa's friends are sad so she spent a weekend concocting an elaborate Cicada 3301 galaxy-spanning puzzle for them to solve.

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My raspberry bard, Vivian!!! He's awful and I love him 💖

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god campaign podcast is so good like not only is it a fucking fantastic story i feel like just listening to it is teaching me how to be a better DM

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This is my tiefling bard boy. He's dumb and a disaster and I love him.

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Damien, my Tiefling Paladin. He is a pure and soft boy. #dnd #tiefling #paladin

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I drew my for a hopeful future campaign. His name is Vox and I love him already.

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My three tieflings with and without their fiendish essence. :3c (I haven't actually played the other two. I just like making characters fghjkl)

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my #dnd character, Chance, a #tiefling #bard for Curse of Strahd! She's an amazing idiot and I love her! #mastoart #creativetoot

hi all welcome to tabletop dot social

this is one of the only wholesome places on the internet, let's all do our best to keep it that way

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also, have some art! some of my favorite PCs (and an NPC) from various campaigns in various levels of finish haha

my jedi befriended an enby cathar while disguised as a smuggler

The Great Female-Presenting Nipple Exodus of 2018

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Whelp I'm gonna post my art here and hope for the best I guess

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