So psyched about this! The game itself sounds really cool, and the book is gorgeous. Yay!

Arkham Horror LCG path to carcosa spoiler 

Oh speaking of Arkham Horror. Nearly peed my pants when we fulfilled an objective, flipped the card and saw this

Went to my LFGS that has recently opened with strict distancing rules, of course, and got this little guy. It's very fun, works well for just one person, and I love writing and erasing my little railroads and highways and lakes and rivers 😁

Pandemic Legacy S1 spoilers 

We did it!! We did it!! We beat it!!!

This was super fun!!!!

My partner: I really like how arkham horror truly conveys a sense of dread

Me, feeling a sense of dread: why am I even drawing a card this is pointless we're never gonna make it

My partner: why are you being so negative I don't get it

Woohoo, we beat the first month of pandemic legacy! Probably not that uncommon right?

We were unlucky enough to draw an epidemic card when building our starting hands though 😱

Played vanilla pandemic to learn the rules before playing legacy. Lost once and won another! It's a very fun game, not sure why I didn't appreciate it the time I tried it a few years back. Really hope it's not just because of how... topical it currently is πŸ˜…

Later that night we tried Arkham Horror. We made it by the skin of our teeth!! Will probably replay the first set with other character before we move along in the campaign. Bonus for my graduation hat for finally being useful πŸ˜‚

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Yesterday my FLGS delivered my distancing supplies! Of course I did not resist the siren's call of pandemic...

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