Judging a friend's consumption habits 

OK this is a pure venting post.

So a new friend, who we play board games with occasionally, got into RPGs like a couple of months ago; but he's only played it solo using something called the mythic system. He sent me a picture of the books he owns... and he owns 20 books!

Over less than two months and never playing with other people, he bought TWENTY books!!

Judging a friend's consumption habits 

I've been playing for like 5 years and own maybe three books physically, and then have a shared digital library with other friends. And I don't think I'll get to play everything there (I guess there's maybe 20 books there in total).

This guy BUYING twenty books after only playing by himself with what feels like a hacked on method feels impossible to reason through.

re: Judging a friend's consumption habits 

@sissas Books are great for lonely people


re: Judging a friend's consumption habits 

@Sandra I get that; I don't think it applies. It feels like a strange urge to *own* things. He lives with his partner and two cats and is quite social and active; he found RPGs and went from reading a book once to owning twenty books over a couple of weeks.

I am open to being wrongly judging hin (hence the emphasis on this being me venting); but it doesn't feel like I am!

re: Judging a friend's consumption habits 

@sissas @Sandra RPG collectors are a thing. In print i own dozens of books, and in PDF its hundreds. Its mostly impulse buys.

re: personal consumption habits 

@Capheind @Sandra I'm realising something about myself. Between moving countries twice (and apartments three times!!), managing personal finances and the considerations for impact of purchasing things for ownership's sake, I developed this aversion to collecting things! Very contrary to most of this hobby I guess 😅

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