Hey everyone, looking for a . I have a group of friends who have varying degrees of RPG experience (from some, to solo, to none), who I think I'd like to run a one-shot session with on Halloween. Something with some spookiness built in would be fun, nothing too graphic though. Suggestions accepted! Thank you!

@sissas I'm trying to talk some friends into a Chill/Cryptworld 1 shot.

Or if you're more into story games the Fate horror toolkit had some interesting ideas for running a slasher game. To get around the problems with running horror under fate it had an interesting mechanic where getting away frome the killer involves building his aspects.

@Capheind I'm not super familiar with fate, so I'll have to look it up! I'm not even certain of what type of theme I'm looking for. Very much shopping around even for that. But an old school slasher setting would be fun, I could assign them very stereotypical characters and the roleplay should flow very easily from that!

@sissas Cryptworld (Essentially a clone of classic Chill) is based on the Pacesetter system so it looks really complicated but most the fiddly stuff is handled by a chart.

@Sandra oh this looks very cool. However I'm not sure if it will appeal the person with the least experience; I'm looking for something that is more of a playground for Halloween-y tropes while having a few drinks, if this makes any sense!

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