Our DM threw us a curveball: amidst political strife we were asked to pick a side. We could join either the revolutionaries or the folks who are vying for incremental change. This will split the campaign in two parties who will no longer play together.

I mean. I do so much incremental change in my boring life. Why would I want to do that in my fantasy life as well!!! To my surprise though, very few people chose the revolutionary option. Go figure

@sissas This is awesome. I have to plan in that level of nuance into my next campaign.

@trueneutralocto it's also fun because she controls the narrative to such a level that you're constantly reassessing who's good or not. We had three very railroady sessions to set up the stage, and were told that on the fourth we would have a very definitive fork. No pleading for middleground solutions, no workarounds, no tricks: you have to choose and the story flips completely compared to what it was before! It feels very videogamey, it's interesting to see it in this medium!

@sissas I don't know if I'm more jealous of you for playing or her for running that. Let me know how Session 4 goes!

@trueneutralocto it's the one we just had! We met the two faction representatives and heard their sides, and had a chance to ask any questions we wanted to.

The revolutionaries asked us to Do A Murder to prove our allegiance; the Incremental guy would only share his plans if you pledged allegiance in advance. I chose the bloody revolution path so am totally in the dark as to what happened on the other side of things!

@trueneutralocto I met the other party's revolutionaries and we will do some retconning to essentially align timelines, and have our next game together (actually the first with this group) mid-October!

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