Hey 3D printing enthusiasts! I am forming a plan for a gift for my SO. He has been having lots of fun making lil useful things with his work's 3D printer, so I was thinking about getting one for our new home (maybe for his birthday in a few months). I will of course do some research, but if anyone can point me in the direction of not too expensive or big but good quality printers, I would appreciate the help!

Cc: @Garrison maybe you can help?

I only have a resin printer which is great for minis and decorative stuff but I not so sure about wear on useful parts. Anyway I have an Elegoo Mars and have found it pretty simple and compact (albeit smelly).

@ackthrice @sissas I have a Creality Ender 3 with a BLTouch autoleveler installed aftermarket. It's a fantastic value for the price. I've used it to print both in PLA (good detail on decorative items) and in ABS (durable tools or parts).

check my media tab for results, evey 3D printed item i've posted was made using it.

@ackthrice @sissas incidentally, i bought it disassembled because it was cheaper than the assembled one. assembling it wasn't a big deal, and was actually kinda useful in understanding how it works.

@Garrison @ackthrice thank you both! I will do some research and planning. Is it OK to bother you if I have any specific questions?

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