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very proud of me and my partner for having helped to translate FFF's ECI! sincerely hope that this will increase the number of signatures. And on that note, if you are a EU citizen please consider taking a minute to read and sign:

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Right, no talk is ever really “finished” but I think I made good use of the time on the train between Amsterdam and Brussels to add some finishing touches to my presentation for tomorrow at the European Parliament.

Now with added Fediverse goodness :)

Latest slides:

CC @Mastodon @Gargron #Mastodon #Fediverse #freedom #EuropeanParliament #eu #HumanRights #democracy #tech #regulation

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#Breaking: Massive Hack Strikes Offshore Cayman National Bank and Trust
A blast of sunshine has hit a secretive banking network used by global ultra-wealthy figures following a massive hack by #Hacktivist “Phineas Fisher“ ...

hi all! here's my post :)

I love games (video, tabletop, board). I am also a serial hobbyist: I knit and crochet, (try to) draw, love reading, television and movies. I work as a data scientist and really enjoy following progress in the field.

I dmed a d&d group for ~2 years before life got in our way; recently I've been looking into other systems and people to play them with!

thanks for having me, and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone :D

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