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Once again seeing folks self sensor things with eg asterisk. (Eg: Tw***er)

Please don’t.

1) People who really don’t want to see the topic will have set up filters. Your asterisk evade their filters. Rude!

2) Use content warnings. This is exactly the kind of thing they are for.

I was a little disappointed though, because we got ourselves in a situation where there was no clear win condition possible (we killed the traitor, so they couldn't win, but were out of time to achieve our objective). I have an inkling we missed a rule, that may have been it. Still fun! Lots of potential mileage there for our usual group :)

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Yesterday we played betrayal at house on the hill and it was very fun! I know I'm super late to the party but to have such a quick setup game evoke the theme so nicely was very cool

Time for an ! I obviously like games, video/board/roleplaying. I don't have a great boardgame/RPG group since I moved so I have been playing more either with my partner or video games. I prefer stuff with cool themes/narratives than with Many Minis and Big Boards. I'm not super active here but am looking forward to hanging out!

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HiHo, I'm new here. I'm a freelance illustrator and trying to connect with artists, indie game devs, tabletop game enthusiasts and splendid folk in general!

Oh wow so I really really love "search for planet x" and deduction games in general but I guess I got real bad at... logic lol! I just. Can't find that planet!!
My abysmal notetaking isn't helping either, surely

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Have an NPC say unprompted "haha, you can trust me, guys; I'm not a doppelganger" to the party.

Judging a friend's consumption habits 

It's the same with boardgames. He buys all the kickstarter huge games. Very frequently he plays by himself or just resells them. When we play with him it's quite clear he barely reads the rules, so it's not even clear he's fully understand how each game works. It bothers me so much!! I know it's nothing to do with me so I don't really comment this to him. I just feel like venting!!!!

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Judging a friend's consumption habits 

I've been playing for like 5 years and own maybe three books physically, and then have a shared digital library with other friends. And I don't think I'll get to play everything there (I guess there's maybe 20 books there in total).

This guy BUYING twenty books after only playing by himself with what feels like a hacked on method feels impossible to reason through.

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Judging a friend's consumption habits 

OK this is a pure venting post.

So a new friend, who we play board games with occasionally, got into RPGs like a couple of months ago; but he's only played it solo using something called the mythic system. He sent me a picture of the books he owns... and he owns 20 books!

Over less than two months and never playing with other people, he bought TWENTY books!!

Hey everyone, looking for a . I have a group of friends who have varying degrees of RPG experience (from some, to solo, to none), who I think I'd like to run a one-shot session with on Halloween. Something with some spookiness built in would be fun, nothing too graphic though. Suggestions accepted! Thank you!

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Our DM threw us a curveball: amidst political strife we were asked to pick a side. We could join either the revolutionaries or the folks who are vying for incremental change. This will split the campaign in two parties who will no longer play together.

I mean. I do so much incremental change in my boring life. Why would I want to do that in my fantasy life as well!!! To my surprise though, very few people chose the revolutionary option. Go figure

Household quacks champion! We actually got to play two games, and I have the feeling this will always happen: once it's set up it's super easy to reset, and the "just one more" vibe from the game carries over so you simply cannot play only once!!

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They arrived! Very excited to try them both. We'll probably start with quacks, since scythe takes a little (tiny) but longer to play. Yay!

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Hello! I'm looking for P&P-people that would be willing to talk (chat/mail) to me for an article. I'm planing a series for the weekly newspaper I'm working for, where I'll cover the basics and try to explain why different people love role-playing.

I'm especially interested in queer/lgbtiq rpg players and educators using rpgs in formal/non-formal education settings, but NOT exclusively.

It is of course possible to remain anonymous if that would be necessary.

Boosts are welcome, thank you!

#rpg #pnp #roleplaying

I managed to sell wingspan and scythe is on the way to replace it! And also maybe I got quacks of quedlinburg. If I did I'd really have to come up with an explanation on how this doesn't in anyway go against my light shelves principles

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Vet negligence 

I am fed up with this. I really love being a foster family but the lack of vet care + disorganization in arranging things like rides really has me at my wits end.

Figo is in isolation for 2+ weeks and taking 6 pills a day on advice from a vet who saw him once, lost my phone number and let his blood coagulate before doing an exam!! Today I had to take 3h out of my day and have him in a carrier for that long for something that boiled down to a conversation and a rescheduling!!

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So today we reviewed our boardgame collection and are thinking of selling wingspan. I like it a lot, but we don't quite play it to justify the limited shelf space we have. Is anyone interested? I will ship to anywhere in Europe (have to check in the price with my local post), and will sell the game for 40€! Boosts appreciated!

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