Hey how the heck do I control what instance I'm tooting to and also is that a thing thats possible

I would like to put this bird forward as an aroace icon. Just look at it! It's green and purple and grey and black and white! All the colours on the ace and aro flags.
It's a violet-green swallow and I think aroace people should informally adopt all of them. :heart_aro: :heart_ace: :aroace:
#aromantic #asexual #aroace

Here's an easily sharable copy of 'Anarchy Works' by Peter Gelderloos:


I released the first public demo of my RPG! Please feel free to take a look and try the game out for yourself if you're able! (Mac & Windows versions available, just ask if you need linux.) More deets in the replies!


friendly reminder that kirby is canonically nonbinary and also very soft

howdy! I'm uh. Mostly an artist I guess! If I post much it'll be fanart mostly. I like fantasy rpgs, and I'm looking forward to doing more roleplay stuff like larp and dnd when I get the chance. I'm also kinda shy ;; I'm happy to be here though!

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