@kerascene oof I have the steam release and can not figure out how to fix this save corruption bug from happening. On load it can corrupt randomly.

So what's you guy's opinion on Runequest 7e. I'm used to pathfinder and 3.5. but wanted to learn a d100 system. I read that the original creator came back. That got me interested and looking for some info as I'm new to d100.

How's it going I go by Jay, and I've been running and playing tabletop for a few years now. I mainly play/run 3.5 pf, and pf2 with a sprinkling of others.

Favorite classes:
Warlock, rogue, druid, and healer in general.

I work as a CSO/Network Administrator at a small billing company. Currently working towards obtaining a few CyberSec certifications.

In my spare time if not in a campaign I'm probably lvlingy pally in the WoW burning crusade classic prepatch, or a Total War game.

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