A little about me, I’m a writer by study, data analyst by trade (long story!). I’m a newcomer to most tabletop RPG’s mostly and board games but have fallen in love with them.
I’ve done a fair bit of GMing and currently running a () campaign.

I really love learning new things and new people so from what I’ve read so far this seems like a great place to be!

👋 Welcome, @sirpicklepants ! The mods here are real nice, so if you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to @host 💖​!

Awesome to see another MOTW DM 💓 !

Thanks! Yeah everything seems real nice and chill here 😊
Not been doing the campaign long so far but I’m loving it. For our session 0 to introduce everyone to the rules we played a session with them all as 6 year olds encountering a monster while at nursery.
Then we jumped forward in time and had the actual campaign kick off with them using playbooks etc.

@sirpicklepants 💓​💓​💓​✨​!

That's an awesome set-up for a campaign 😍 ✨ ! Are y'all still in the intro-ish-portion of the game, or has the campaign gone into full swing now 😮​?

I split the intro into 3 parts and we’re running the 3rd today before it really gets into full swing. Really excited to how they react to some of the hooks I have planned 😏

How about yourself?

@sirpicklepants How did the third part of the opening go :O ? tbh I generally do the same with my campaigns -- rule of threes seems to work well for intros, for the most part :thinktink:​ in my experience?

😅 we haven't gotten past the third intro-session, unfortunately... We're in the process of changing our game to play-by-post MOTW, since our schedules are real hectic for the foreseeable future.

Oh wow! That does sound hectic, can’t imagine that’s easy for you to run so kudos!

It went really well thanks 😁 a lot of surprises that seemed to catch them off guard. Next session I’m doing a level up and q+a style interim session where they can level up but tie it into role play etc and speak with characters that they have questions for. Should be fun!

@sirpicklepants 💓​!

NICE 💖 -- so happy it went well!! That's an awesome way to do leveling 😍 ! Might I please steal this idea off of you? GLHF 💓

Please do! In all honesty I stole it from The Adventure Zone with their Lunar Interlude episodes 😂

@sirpicklepants 💓

Okay, but ain't no shame in repurposing ideas for private campaigns 💖 ! Thanks for sharing ✨ -- I don't keep up with TAZ, so I would have never have heard of it, probably 😂 .

You’re most welcome! 😊
Always glad to help out and share ideas. What’s the saying, “a good writer borrows. A great writer steals.” 😏

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