What does everybody think of Galactic Renaissance? Inis is great and it is interesting that they are billing it as part of a political trilogy now. The card handling looks interesting for Galactic Renaissance.

Relativity Space just posted this photo on Twitter and I am AGHAST at how beautiful it is. (If you're wondering why the flame is part blue, the answer is methane/liquid oxygen fuel. Video coming on this later today!)

#space #spaceflight

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It turns out that space-based telescopes are also being affected by the sheer number of satellites in orbit. I break it down in my latest video: youtu.be/HPUubE6Yi7Q

#space #science #Hubble #scicomm

PSA for #boardgame designers / developers / publishers

Include a date or identifiable version number in your rules.

How else am I supposed to tell the versions apart?

For bonus points add a notation to show which parts of the rules changed from the initial version.

That's it. Carry on with what you were doing.


Trying to explain cassette tapes to my kid:

"They're like CDs... hmm...
They're like DVD- uh..
You know game cartrid-
So like a USB dri-

It's ancient lost tech."

Looking for more science & math on Mastodon?

Astronomers w/ >100 followers: truesciphi.org/ast_mas.html

Physicists w/ >100 followers: truesciphi.org/phy_mas.html

Science writers w/>500 followers: truesciphi.org/psw_mas.html

Mathematicians w/ >100 followers: truesciphi.org/mat_mas.html

As relatively new low-threshold lists seeded from Twitter, many accounts likely are missing. I'm happy to receive suggestions for additions by public or private reply. Inclusion criteria are linked at the top of each list.

Habitats game photo 

First play of Habitats this evening. This is a fun tile placement game. The selection restrictions coming from the jeep movement works well and adds some nice tension. Bonus is the great artwork on the tiles.

Helped my Dad tap the maple trees today. Now to see if the weather cooperates enough for the sap to run. We usually get 10-20 gallons of syrup each year, but this year has been so odd.

Bathroom remodel 

After six long weeks, the bathroom remodel is finished. It is such a huge improvement. Getting a counter that isn’t made of tile is so nice from the cleaning perspective. Enjoy one old view and two new ones.

Long week 

How is it only Wednesday?!? I started the week out by staying up far too late painting the bathroom walls in prep for things to get mounted on there. Then the kids share whatever they came home with and that is kicking my butt. And I still need to paint the bathroom ceiling, preferably before the weekend. Suffice to say, I am far short on book or game time this week.


I've been blogging about my gaming experiences lately. I had a terrible incident at work last month and decided to resurrect my blog as a way to help give me a creative outlet away from my job. My latest blog post is about Resist!, my favorite game of the year. I hope you give it a read and enjoy it.


Anyway, I finished the Broken Earth trillogy ( The fifth Season, The Obelisk Gate, The Stone Sky) by N. K. Jemisin and I lack for word to describe it.

I would assume your library has it, so I say go check it out because it really is something worth reading.

Some stuff could well bring some trauma, so use the website that help you figure if this book is ok for you to read.

The way it is written, the stories it tells, the setting, and the thinking that comes after putting the book down.
Love it

Today was busy. Mostly painted the living room. Need to finish it up with a second coat tomorrow. Liking the new color a lot so far.

Did start the day out by playing Busy Beaks and Wingspan with the kiddo. Busy Beaks was a fast and fun game that was perfect for him. He can do alright with Wingspan, which he demands to play, but any strategy besides high point birds is beyond him for now. Finished the day off by trying Gartenbau. That is an interesting tile laying game with a good theme.

Gave Dinosaur Table Battles a spin last night. As with most Hollandspiele titles, I feel like this one needs 3-4 more plays to really get a feel for it. So far, it looks to be about momentum and timing. Plus the dinosaur art is just fun.

Well, I am excited for almost every game discussed on the Wehrlegig stream… thankfully there is time before they come for my wallet. Awesome to see those games finding a home.

Got in a game of Innovation last night. That is such a blast to play. Every card is broken so no card is broken for the win.

Twilight Struggle Red Sea 

Three games in and I am starting to get feel for the rhythm and the cards. I still have a ways to go on strategy though. There are so many different areas competing for attention.

Time to dig more deeply into the full game using the app.

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