Makin' magical items 🙂

Perdition's Ransom
Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

While wearing this, when you or anyone you can see within 15ft of you take necrotic damage, the scarf will reduce that damage by 2d6. You must then choose a creature you can see within 15ft of you to take those necrotic damage points instead. The target can be the creature that initially inflicted the damage, or yourself, or any other creature within range except the one that was the original target.

Possible future #boatmode spoilers 

I love it! @sil Now on the treasure tables for #boatmode I really hope it gets rolled

Knowing my dorks they might not attune to it, they’ve gotten skittish around all the cursed items I hand out. Also there’s a 200 dinar “reckless attunment” fee at the local qadi if your items cause injury or risk to others.

re: Possible future #boatmode spoilers 

@Sandra oh dear. This is going to cost the user a whole bunch then, since it's *designed* to cause injury to others 🙂

re: Possible future #boatmode spoilers 

@sil It’s only if you get caught!

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