fantasy reframe, fascism 

One thing The Elder Scrolls got right is fascist elves. To reframe the traditional role of elves in fantasy:

- high elves rule much of the "civilized" lands, either directly or by controlling human leaders with intrigue and magic.
- ethic cleansing drove the "evil" races underground or to the wilderness
- drow and svirfneblin were not created underground, orcs were not "savage" tribes; they had nations on par with the humans' until the elves came to power.

fantasy reframe, fascism 

This brings up issues of alignment, of course, particularly where alignment is used mechanically. What does "detect evil" actually detect? Some options:

- evil intent, not evil alignment, as in Basic D&D
- the spell was corrupted and rewritten to always detect some races as evil. This has Big Plot implications when a deity is granting the power... Is Pelor also a fascist, or just less omniscient than he'd have you believe?


re: fantasy reframe, fascism 

@gdorn has the flavour of Robocop's fourth classified directive, or manipulation of prophecy in Mistborn. Interesting idea!

re: fantasy reframe, fascism 

That's a take I hadn't considered: the fascists hire the party to do something important for them...

I'd have to read up on Mistborn to catch that reference, though.

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