My players decided to try deception rather than attacking. Now I need to work out what happens in that circumstance. They might win, in which case OK. Or they might fail, and I don't want to kill them. So, maybe they get captured and revive from unconsciousness but are tied up? Interesting times ahead.

Had to cancel my planned D&D group; people pulled out because they can't commit to weekly play. Now I'm sad about it :(

Can't get over my excitement at DMing a new group on Wednesday. Lots of prep still to do, although I've sorted the story, the music, and the maps.

Now drawing all the maps in maptool. Seems like it's the least worst option!

to note: I want pretty maps with textures, not just representational maps...

Is there some decent software that lets me display a D&D battle map on my laptop, and put the "player view" of the same battle map, without all the editing stuff, on a monitor it's plugged into? I know I can use MapTool and just run it twice, with the second instance being the player view, but MapTool is rather horrid; Java, way too complex, does too much stuff. is bad at tokens and doesn't do live updates. Is there anything else?

...and my GM has just made it so she now has a coat of billowing. I am the happiest. :-)

One of my characters just tried to transfer the enchantments from some robes to her beloved coat, because she loves her coat and didn't like the robes. DC15 check with +7 (seven!) and she _still_ failed. She is so annoyed that I can feel her vibrating with it here in another universe. Dammit. Happy new year to all of your characters; may they have better luck on their dice rolls :-)

also, two back-to-back screens, of course, so you can see the thing from front and back.

Random cool idea: adafruit and similar do really small screens (1" or so in size) which is approximately the size of a D&D miniature. So, make a little thing which is a vertically-standing tiny colour screen, with some sort of controller in the base, and then put the image of a monster or character on the screen. Completely custom minis! They'd be expensive, but you wouldn't need more than 10 or so. If doable, I bet people would buy them. Something to try prototyping in my spare time, maybe.

Advice sought :)
I've put together a new D&D group. 2 have played before, a long time ago; one plays RPGs regularly; 2 have never played. I'm DM. What should our first session be? Options:
1. a proper Session Zero where we talk about what we all want from a campaign, work stuff out, etc, and play no game
2. a beginner one-shot with pregens, so they can see whether they like D&D and me at all
3. a character creation session where we talk about characters and I help them all make one for session 2

All these people on Youtube begging for patrons are clearly not warlocks or they'd know that having one was probably a bad idea, let alone more than one

I wish there were a game on Android where I could fight turn-based battles like a D&D encounter. Not one which is basically a video game with some stats thrown in. And in portrait mode, not landscape.

Building myself a little tool to cut out snippets of battle maps and put tokens on them and give me an image to be posted to Discord for PBP.

Just got to say "roll initiative!" for the first time to a new group.

Yeah, it's not for playing. It's for tracking stuff that happens _while_ you're playing, in person. I asked why I couldn't see any actual story stuff in any of the screenshots, and they said: "In our games, that happens aloud. Voice and delivery are a big part of our game experience. However, we're considering adding a "play by mail" version where players and the loremaster can put messages in the log." So, not what I thought it was. Now I want to write a better, simpler Rolegate.

Just had a weird idea for an RPG system without dice. Not fully formed yet, but I'm noting it so I don't lose track of it. There's a word. To try to perform an action, you have to remove or add letters to the word and make a new word that hasn't been used yet. The more letters you add or remove, the greater success your action has. If you can't, you fail and the GM picks a new word. It favours people with wide vocabularies, though. And it might not work at all. Needs more thought.

sadly, the GM ("Loremaster") can use the web (and must do) to run the game, but players must use the iOS app. An Android app, and a web client, are being worked on, apparently. Also, it seems to be intending to be realtime rather than PBP. So, not as keen, but I still like the concept. looks interesting. Basically, a play-by-post RPG app, like Rolegate or similar, but with a game system built in and very, very simple. So it doesn't have the complexity of 5e, etc, but there are elements of randomness etc in it so it's more than just storytelling. I like the idea a lot.

A very excellent thing has happened. I'm playing a warlock in a 5e PBP game, and he doesn't really understand who, or what, his patron is. And that patron sends him brief, strange, distorted visions; flashes of imagery and words and overwhelming sound. They might be prophetic; they might be madness. But my DM puts together little videos of them, and they're amazing; confusing and opaque. And I really don't understand what they mean, which is exactly how my character feels too. This is great.

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