"Submit your entries for the 2019 One Page Dungeon Contest between now and May 1st."

I didn't get an acknowledgement from the submission email address, but they did tweet about it, so yay!

Not sure I can actually fit this dungeon onto one page for the contest. Not without having really tiny text, anyway, which is cheating.

Just realised that this is the net of an icosahedron, so if I ever set up a company that does gaming things I'm gonna name it something with the initials VA and use this as the logo

Yesterday I used roll20 for the first time. The UI seems fine, ish, but I've been spoiled by D&D Beyond helping me make decisions; the roll20 "charactermancer" is nowhere near as helpful.

I hate ropers. One of them nearly just did for our whole party.

another plan: have him use his spell slots (he doesn't have many) and then through RP show him that the Natural Recovery feature exists.

I'm thinking of things that will require him (OOC) to use druidic skills and magic (so the player learns them), and (IC) demonstrate his commitment to the Balance and to nature. So I don't just want to have him do a fight. For example, I plan for the senior druid to show him how to sneak up on a panther and touch it without it noticing (which will require his stealth, and maybe Guidance to help himself succeed), and then he will be able to use panther as a wild shape too. So things like that.

One of my (5e) players is a druid. He's met a more senior druid, and I plan to have the senior one take him off into the forest and show him druid skills. This is because the player is new to D&D and I think showing things he can do but doesn't realise he can, in RP, will help him remember; but also partially because I'll have him demo new skills as a part of levelling up. But I plan to have him tested first. Ideas for things the senior could have him do, to prove his druidic dedication?

Just talked us out of a potentially very worrying encounter with a spectral troll, with eloquence and honour (and admittedly a couple of decent persuasion rolls). Charisma is the best stat.

I now have Elder Sign, the board game. Quite excited, although I was rather less excited when I opened the box and found there were one billion little cardboard tokens. No idea who is going to play this with me.

Excellent; the players finally cast detect magic, which means they have now discovered that the scimitar is magical. Now they're all excited to find out why. Side quest for you, players :)

I have rarely laughed and felt a kinship as much as watching Taliesin Jaffe and the Critical Role people playing Dragon's Lair and hearing Taliesin say, what happens is, you watch other people die, and you all spend a hundred dollars. Totally my childhood experience.

Your pack is too full for the Amulet of Yendor.

Not a day goes past when I don't think about building a rolegate alternative which loads quickly and doesn't need a ton of JavaScript to function.

Cool to see Improved Initiative sponsoring Critical Role.

One character has just made it to fourth level (how exciting!), and what I really like about this campaign is that the feat they've taken can be woven in to the existing backstory so that it makes sense. Quite proud of the DM and I for how we've set that up, even if nobody else ever really gets to learn about it.

Trying out a new thing: having someone else play an NPC in a play-by-post game I'm GMing. This will be interesting; letting go of control to this extent and trusting then to put across the things I need that NPC for is quite nerve-wracking.

Michael Prescott's been at it for five years. 48 illustrated adventures! ("My adventures will continue to be free here, along with the CC-BY-NC art and illustrations—courtesy of all of you pledging on Patreon.")

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