Makin' magical items 🙂

Perdition's Ransom
Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

While wearing this, when you or anyone you can see within 15ft of you take necrotic damage, the scarf will reduce that damage by 2d6. You must then choose a creature you can see within 15ft of you to take those necrotic damage points instead. The target can be the creature that initially inflicted the damage, or yourself, or any other creature within range except the one that was the original target.

Working on my tabletop video series, which I feel like I've got a handle on now :)

so the front-line paladin PC is paralysed with hold person, and my bad guy brutal NPC half-an-aberration chaos antipaladin gets three attacks. At advantage. Each one that hits is an autocrit. And... he misses all three. In six d20 rolls he rolled four 3s. Nothing higher than an 11.

Extreme DM rage. Goshdarnit.

Well done the party, obviously :)

How the DM is in theory meant to run ability checks:
1.set a DC
2. if the player rolls over it, they succeed, otherwise not
How I think everyone actually does it
1. don't set a DC
2. player rolls
3. about 10 or less is a failure
4. about 19 or more is success
5. 11-18, the DM does the thing that makes the story more interesting

or am I unusual in this?

currently planning a Christmas one-shot where your group, who are law enforcement or similar, are sent to recapture a place which has been taken over by an insurgent group. Most of the group are easy to capture and keep under control, but one escapes into the building and you have to track him down and stop him.

That is: you're Hans Gruber and he's John McClane. But you don't *know* you're Hans Gruber. You think you're the good guys.

Not sure I can make this work. Thoughts on how welcomed :-)

Today's slightly unexpected DM thing to do: create a stat block for a balloon with a tiger's face on it.

No results found for "you don't mess around with djinn".

So there's a title for my next adventure, maybe
Excellent rule for "the Wagon": a thing assumed to contain all the mundane stuff that you might have bought, but which characters charge up with money and then can retroactively be assumed to have bought the thing you're looking for -- rope, that sort of thing.

Idle thought: it is known that most D&D campaigns don't make it up to high levels; they tend to end up stopping around level 7 or 8, according to Mike Mearls, for various reasons -- people move away, or there's not enough time, or the DM wants to stop DMing, etc. I suspect that this is also true of streamed campaigns; lots and lots of those end up fading or vanishing or stopping. I wonder if the proportions are the same?

Thoroughly enjoying playing Unforeseen Incidents with my daughter. It's good to see a point-and-click game with decent, thoughtful knowledge puzzles, which doesn't try to be funny, and has modern UI (double-click on an exit to go there, etc). Well done the devs.

Random idea for a strategy game. You, and the other player, both have three pins, and five discs of different sizes that fit on the pins, all in ascending order of size on pin 1. Your goal is to have all your discs on a pin 3. Towers of Hanoi, in other words. But you can also move your discs onto their pins, still obeying the "no big disc on a small disc" rule. Is there an obvious winner?

UK Politics / ID checks at polling stations 

It's appalling that photo ID as a requirement to cast a vote is even being considered, it's so utterly transparent why they're doing this and it's frankly disgusting.
There's a petition against it here, for what it's worth:

What would be cool is if some game with a really good 3d character creator were to port that to webgl so people could use it to make coloured character models.

Tonight: played Warhammer Kill Team for the first time. It seems fun! I'm still a D&D person, but I can see Kill Team being a laugh too if what you want is combat and minmaxing :)

things I should consider more when choosing class features: but what if avrae actually DOES hate me though

it has just randomly occurred to me to redo the old red steel stuff from Bruce Heard's columns in Dragon for 5e. (There was actually a released sourcebook for it too, I think, but I only care about the cinnabryl bits, not the different races.)

First playtest of my fun card battling game! It's designed for a 20 minute gap for a laugh, not to be a big deal with lots of planning like Magic or something. And it was fun! This is encouraging. A couple of tweaks seem necessary for balancing purposes, and I need to try it out with more than two people, and to play it a bunch more, but this is cool.

Do people purchase such games for money? Should I try to make it a saleable product? I'd probably do an open plain print-n-play version too.

Weekend of actual D&D! And my dungeon tiles were a hit, which is cool.

Today's project: a Discord bot which lets me choose Avrae attacks and spells in combat by clicking on things, rather than trying six times to get the command formatting right (is it !init attack sword badguy? !init attack badguy sword? !init attack sword -t badguy? I never know.) Quite pleased with progress thus far.

Yay, the One Page Dungeon Contest results are out! Boo, I didn't win (or get honourably mentioned), but no worries, it's a great source of adventures and adventure ideas anyway 🙂

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