things I should consider more when choosing class features: but what if avrae actually DOES hate me though

it has just randomly occurred to me to redo the old red steel stuff from Bruce Heard's columns in Dragon for 5e. (There was actually a released sourcebook for it too, I think, but I only care about the cinnabryl bits, not the different races.)

First playtest of my fun card battling game! It's designed for a 20 minute gap for a laugh, not to be a big deal with lots of planning like Magic or something. And it was fun! This is encouraging. A couple of tweaks seem necessary for balancing purposes, and I need to try it out with more than two people, and to play it a bunch more, but this is cool.

Do people purchase such games for money? Should I try to make it a saleable product? I'd probably do an open plain print-n-play version too.

Weekend of actual D&D! And my dungeon tiles were a hit, which is cool.

Today's project: a Discord bot which lets me choose Avrae attacks and spells in combat by clicking on things, rather than trying six times to get the command formatting right (is it !init attack sword badguy? !init attack badguy sword? !init attack sword -t badguy? I never know.) Quite pleased with progress thus far.

Yay, the One Page Dungeon Contest results are out! Boo, I didn't win (or get honourably mentioned), but no worries, it's a great source of adventures and adventure ideas anyway 🙂

I've been trying to remember a book quotation all day. It's said by somebody, in sympathy, about someone else, and it's something like "his love was strong, and he did not understand". I think it's from Dragonlance, and maybe about someone who's died? But I can't find it, even by searching. Anybody got any ideas?

I now have 35. And four clip-on doors, and two long barred prison doors. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, I just need to do yet more...

Stuart's 2.5D dungeon tiles. They came out looking OK, I think, so my approach works, hooray! This is only the first seven, though. Now I gotta make, like, a hundred more.

Random thought: in a game based on d20, what would it be like if the damage you did is the amount you exceed the AC by? Rather than separate damage rolls? I'm sure someone's already thought of this and had a big list of reasons why not to do it (or has tried it in other RPGs). It doesn't cater for different weapons being more damaging, of course, but it'd certainly speed up combat rolls.

redrawn the Redbrand Hideout from Lost Mine of Phandelver a bit so it's entirely made up of 2x2 dungeon tiles, so when I spend this weekend making tiles with Stuart's Grand Plan For Making Modular Tiles, I'll be able to use them :-)

This weekend, I'm going to try actual physical maps for D&D and miniatures. Paper miniatures, mind (using a bulldog clip as the base) and greyscale maps (which I have printed in many sheets on my A4 laser printer and am now sellotaping together into one map). We shall see how it goes and whether it's more effort than it's worth!

Mad idea for a campaign setting from a D&D homebrew competition I entered: the Octagem. Six crystal spheres each half-full of liquid gemstone that enhances magic, in which the people live in vast floating cities of tethered boats and occasionally go to war with one another.

are people rolling a d20 for ability scores rather than 4d6 drop the lowest now? Just had to explain to someone a bit about probability to say why d20 is bad.

This flowchart about choosing a D&D character class is rather tongue-in-cheek but is actually really useful to show to a new player who wants to get a sense of what they want to play.

UK game expo GM, rape 

I wish downloadable D&D adventures and rulebook supplements and the like were available as epubs as well as two-column PDFs so they were easily readable on a phone.

Yay, there was a homebrew competition on one of the Discord servers I'm on to make a magical item with some sort of eldritch horror connection, and I won! With the Lantern of Leng, which I plan to use in a future game.
Light up your life -- or your enemies' lives -- with the Lantern.

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