The best part about running indie RPGs is, the day after a session, getting to talk to the writer of the game on discord about the session, and get his thoughts.

There was a twitter thread about "What mechanics do you steal from other games to make your dnd game better?" and there were so many examples of people saying that D&D 5E is lackluster and bad, but instead of just, I dunno, playing a better game, they cobble together this mishmash of rules. It's so weird how many people really love this objectively bad product produced by a huge corporation.

Watching an episode of Archer 1999 and they said "are those our only options, ghosts or magnets" and I out loud said "Holy shit that would be an awesome Lasers & Feelings hack" and then I had to explain Lasers and Feelings to my wife

The CRB for Coriolis: The Third Horizon is out of stock on both Amazon and a local game store the last three times I went. To me, this is fucked up.

Also I love how some games will still have like "What is an RPG" section in them, even though they are unlikely to be anyone's first RPG. I know it's just to hedge their bets, but like, if you're picking up a copy of certain RPGs, you're already an Advanced Gamer.

The GM for yesterday's Troika game managed to tie every game we've ever played in this group into the troika campaign. He referenced our characters past lives and past faces, and when he talked about mine, he referenced my pyromaniac dwarf scholar from our One Ring game, Kona Fairsong. Good stuff

First session was great, GM did a great job. Got to do a lot of good role playing.

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I ended up rolling up a character in Troika whose background is Red Priest. His name is Vermell Rautt De Arg, which is three different words for the color red (Vermell: Catalan, Rautt: Icelandic, Dearg: Irish).

His order is the Order of the Crimson Scarletness.

He worships a good named FF0000, pronounced Foo.

As someone who really loves Pathfinder 2e, I think the "we have both kind of RPGs, 5e and Pathfinder" jokes are very funny.

@sexybenfranklin @Teatearpg
I think most if these people just don't know better and assume D&D is synonymous with ttrpg.
Furthermore, I encountered many players who mastered with great labor 5E, and know theoretically that other systems exist, but assume:

A. That they are at least as hard to master as D&D.
B. That they are some kind of avantgarde stuff, not good for little old me who just want to play and have fun.

I get the feeling WotC are encouraging these assumptions in subtle ways.

One group I'm in, we're currently doing a 3 GM round-robin, with each GM running a different game. The GM who is running Traveler this Friday just messaged us saying we're gonna be playing Troika! and I'm very excited.

I saw someone post on Facebook about their 5e homebrew game of thrones game that uses spells from the star wars d20 game and has a sanity system.

Why do people insist on taking an already bad system and making it worse by just grafting in pieces it wasn't meant to support, instead of, I dunno, just playing a system designed to do what you want to do.

Complaining about popular games 

It's incredibly ironic to me when I see people on Mastodon, who in general I see as left leaning and anti-corporate, are ready to go to bat for a mediocre game (5e) put out by a giant corporation (Hasbro).

This is not a complaint, it's a beautiful matte stock, and the art in the book looks incredible on it.

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I bought Vaesen over the weekend from a FLGS. They used quite a heavy card stock for the pages, super thick book but only 220 pages. Nibiru is like half the thickness at 200 pages.

My name's Max (he/him).

I'm into tabletop games, 3d printing, and video games.

I joined to talk to people about rpgs that aren't 5e or PF1e.

The games I'm currently playing in are Cthulhu Invictus and Traveler 2e (Mongoose). I am currently running a game of Brindlewood Bay and Pathfinder 2E.

My new favorite game is Trophy Dark.

I sometimes dabble in mini painting, and I'm starting to get into dice making.

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