Another day volunteering at the museum. People keep asking if they can fuck the spyware. buddy they won't even let me fuck it

So, Crescendo of Violence is super cool and I'm glad I picked it up. It's got a sweet d10 dice pool mechanic where you just need one success, real streamlined NPC stat blocks, and an aesthetic that's very cool.

GURPS actually stands for God U Really Phuckin' Suggested-it-again-didn't-you. I assume this is because all of the people who suggest GURPS when GURPS is absolutely not the right answer to which game to use

It's hard for me to maintain an alt, I usually just yell about boardgame and ttrpg stuff on my main.

It looks like a lot of spacebear hosted instances are down, so I'm posting from my gaming alt for now.

Is it rude when I drop in here only because I have a request? Sure. But if any of my tt.soc friends know of anyone selling a Kickstarter cover copy of Vaesen or Things from the Flood, I would love to know about it.

The limited edition cover of Heart: The City Beneath is incredibly good, and I'm glad I bought it.

Someone on another masto instance posts about their D&D game, but also posts about all the little things they hate about D&D, like the dice math, or the book keeping, and I have to keep from screaming "PLAY SOMETHING OTHER THAN D&D" at them.

Backing the kickstarter for The One Ring 2e was easy. Choosing to get the limited edition book? Less easy.

With Modiphius cutting the cost of the Coriolis core book in half for Black Friday, I could finally justify ordering it direct from them, with the high shipping cost.

I never would have guessed that going down the rabbit hole of indie RPGs would have me coming out the other side with "4e was the best edition of D&D" but here we are.

Turns out a guy I know from discord who I hadn't talked to since like, March of 2019, is part of an official Free League actual play of Forbidden Lands, which is cool. He also is always set to appear offline, but I saw that his avatar changed so I was like "Oh I guess he does still use this".

Ended up joining two new communities, so that's fun.

This past Sunday I corrected a player's pronunciation of "bon mot" as it's a major part of the character he's playing, and if he's going to say it a lot, he might as well say it right. He was like "Oh yeah it's probably french isn't it."

I pray to god this campaign doesn't contain a trebuchet because if that word ever comes up it's going to be a disaster.

The best part about running indie RPGs is, the day after a session, getting to talk to the writer of the game on discord about the session, and get his thoughts.

There was a twitter thread about "What mechanics do you steal from other games to make your dnd game better?" and there were so many examples of people saying that D&D 5E is lackluster and bad, but instead of just, I dunno, playing a better game, they cobble together this mishmash of rules. It's so weird how many people really love this objectively bad product produced by a huge corporation.

Watching an episode of Archer 1999 and they said "are those our only options, ghosts or magnets" and I out loud said "Holy shit that would be an awesome Lasers & Feelings hack" and then I had to explain Lasers and Feelings to my wife

The CRB for Coriolis: The Third Horizon is out of stock on both Amazon and a local game store the last three times I went. To me, this is fucked up.

Also I love how some games will still have like "What is an RPG" section in them, even though they are unlikely to be anyone's first RPG. I know it's just to hedge their bets, but like, if you're picking up a copy of certain RPGs, you're already an Advanced Gamer.

The GM for yesterday's Troika game managed to tie every game we've ever played in this group into the troika campaign. He referenced our characters past lives and past faces, and when he talked about mine, he referenced my pyromaniac dwarf scholar from our One Ring game, Kona Fairsong. Good stuff

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