If you're still on or, you're about to lose track of It's for the safety of our comrades: this is the quieter, kinder part of the fedi where we walk away from instances that can't or don't control harassers.

I know a lot of you on and .online are newcomers who landed there because so many other instances have closed to new accounts. Please take this time to explore the fediverse and find somewhere with more reliable moderation.

I have loved the experience of having accounts in multiple places. In the five-ish years I've been on mastodon, my "main" account has wandered around a bit, it's been nice to see the fediverse from different perspectives, and I've always been glad to have a backup.

There's no rush. Settle in at whatever speed you need to. Make as many accounts as you'd like. If we lose track of each other for a little while, and find each other again later- that's okay, too. I'm not going anywhere.

@sev Does Mastodon have tools for individuals to deal with harassers and such? I feel like defederating (is that the word?) is kind of a nuclear option. I feel like my account on should be able to follow my account here…

@firstplayertoken user-by-user moderation has been described as "playing whack-a-mole." It works in many cases. However, the largest instances with poor moderation let way too many people slip through the cracks., as well as other like-minded instances, have had m.s silenced for awhile, but things have gotten worse over there, not better.

@sev Huh. Okay. I'll have to decide whether to move my account somewhere else (something I was planning to do anyway to get more value out of the Local feed) and/or move this account somewhere else. I'm not particularly interested in a walled garden, which is why I don't use Discord much.

Where can I find announcements about defederation actions? Should I just follow @host for that? I just happened to see someone else posting about this, otherwise, I wouldn't have known.

@firstplayertoken @sev I'd say move your account anyway, there is little value having one there.

Happy to recommend other instances, that said they all fall into the "more moderated than not" spectrum.

For this account, if you dont feel like is the place to be, (for example) is less stringent on what it moderates and is very much active in the hobby.

Generally speaking this is announced on the local TL (which is not visible on the official app)

@host @sev Thank you! This is all very helpful. (And I figured out pretty quickly that Metatext is a better app than the official one, which is how I saw @JoeSondow's post about the defederation action.)

@host Know of any other servers that focus on board game? I'm not an RPG player.

@firstplayertoken yes, give me about 2 hours, I'm cooking right now 😅

@firstplayertoken my understanding is that "walled gardens" is kind of fundamental to the federation structure of Mastodon. No matter where you go, the instance will be federated with some, not with others, and blocked by/blocking others. So it's not a question of "is the instance a walled garden" as "where do you want your walls to be".

@bengreen I get that. I just didn't think I'd have to negotiate the "where do you want your walls to be" question on the regular. That may be more overhead than I want from a social network, especially if other people are making those decisions for me.

Discord is all siloed, but that has the advantage of being simpler.

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