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Hi! I'm @sev. My favorite is but I don't have a favorite skin - I mostly MC. I also love .

I'm a trained and to a teenager. We have two anxious rescue . I'm a ciswoman living in the region of the US, on unceded Duwamish territory. Sometimes I practice arts like aerials, juggling, & german wheel. In the past I've been a sysad & a software developer.

I can also be found at

"Don't text entities beyond this mortal plane and drive, kids!"

I have no interesting quotes from last night's game. The best moments were the staring contests between two of the characters, which lasted until the players couldn't keep straight faces anymore. The second one, right when I was about to ask, "do you think you need to roll a shut down?"

oops, sorry for anybody who watched me do that in realtime; I dunno why the privacy changed halfway through the thread. Fixed now, sorry for the delete-and-reposts.

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"Hey, I just had my timelines merged, and my friend is hot now."

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and then two from last session that I'd forgotten: "Sorry, since 24 hours ago I'm rude & I take drugs & I smoke cigarettes. I get that's fucking with you a little."

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"Trying to love-and-friendship him out of it will be harder this time."

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"It hasn't been unstable! It's been a stable equilibrium of shit!"

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"Do we mentor them? Do we become their 'how not to cause the end of the world' guide?"

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"It's not fair to have to break up with someone *twice*, in two timelines."

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"Are you gonna use your bodily fluids to try to kidnap a ghost? Roll a Gaze Into the Abyss."

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Tonight's session was cut short but we still got some intense roleplaying out of it. Quotes in the thread.

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Hey friends, if you can pass this on to any Tabletop people who might use it, I'd appreciate it!

I've been doing voiceovers since 2015, but I played my first game of D&D in 1991.

I've voiced for Guinness, The UN and a lot of others, but not much in #TTRPG area.

If you have a project, I'd love to voice it for like 20% of my normal fee.

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Lovely cover by #TravisMoore and for this #NCBD's DC Pride Tim Drake Special #1

Pre-order your copy now using Comichub and the link below


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Pride Across The Multiverse, a Secret Lair drop of 8 LGBTQIA2+ themed cards is still on sale for $40 from Wizards of the Coast, with proceeds going to the Trevor Project.

But did you know you can celebrate Fuck Rainbow Capitalism Month by donating to the Trevor Project yourself and just printing these cards at home? It's true!

You can do this and other support of queer folks directly instead of through corporate proxy. It's fun and easy to do.

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#TTRPG enjoyers of the #Fediverse, let's draw a dungeon together, #Fedimocracy style!

Grab the template below and draw a chunk of the dungeon. Then post it as a reply to this post along its coordinates on the 5x5 dungeon grid.

You can draw using any software you like in the style of your choosing, just make sure to match the entrances and exits of the neighbouring squares that have already been submitted!

Once the map is complete, we will have another round to describe the rooms.

ooh, and

* What incident do you and X remember differently?

* What does X hold you responsible for that's not your fault?

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I've long noticed how story gaming has contributed to my mediation skills; I'm glad to see that occasionally it runs the other way, too.

Some ways that RPGs have made me a good mediator:

I can sit back and let people talk with each other if it's fruitful, and to step in when it's not.

I can be a fan of the people even when they're not being their best selves (as characters sometimes aren't).

I can let the other people at the table have the narrative, rather than having to control it myself.

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I'm a mediator, and lately I've been seeing a lot of small-claims cases between people who are too pissed off at each other to mediate usefully. It doesn't make for fruitful negotiation, but it's giving me interesting ideas for interpersonal conflict in roleplaying games.

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Also, I've been brainstorming questions I as MC can ask during character creation to encourage those kinds of frictions. For instance:

* What mistaken assumption do you have about X?

* What opinion does X hold that you don't want to validate?

* What do you think X owes you?

* What do you regret about your past interactions with X?

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