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@kensanata I think this may be one of my favorite parts of od&d. It’s a ruleset that demands clarification, and often at the table. The book is so hard to reference there really is no point in looking things up!

Recently I’ve gotten character creation for down to 2 pages which is a huge win for me. This game features a “rap sheet generator” which is a life path system essentially. So reducing page flipping to zero is huge.

@kensanata did you have an opportunity to use it and forgot? Or did it just never come up?

@Psychoboy I see where the problem is. I thought you had read the rulebook, not just the ad copy on the website. Nowhere in the rules does it say what you’re quoting above.

@Psychoboy ah yes definitely. Not all engineers are white lab coat wearing scientists. There’s a common usage of the word in sci fi to denote someone who works on the engines — like kaylee in firefly. Or Scottie in Star Trek. Mothership overall has a more blue collar aesthetic. If you wanted to play a EE major in sci fi you’d be a scientist and you’d take engineering as a skill. That simple.

@Psychoboy Right, as I said above it’s a skill not a subclass. Any class can learn it. Just as there are mechanical engineers and electrical engineers and chemical engineers. The skill is non specific and context dependent. If you’re a teamster with the engineering skill it means something different than if you are a scientist with the engineering skill.

@Yoric thanks! Glad to be here. Still figuring my way around 😂

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So I was introduced to this amazing sci-fi rpg called Mothership that I'm convinced is the gold standard for sci-fi. It has everything I wanted out of Classic Traveller, wrapped up in modern (not 5e modern, OSR modern, so ease of use, evocative random tables, and natural language) design sensibilities, with a heaping shovelful of Alien(s) on top. I've already got ideas...

Get it for PWYW (yes, including free) here:

@Psychoboy hey there! Can you be more specific? Engineering is a skill that any class can unlock.

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