Slightly (majorly) freaking out about NaNo prep stuff today and also someone is coming to see my two newest foster furbabies and ahhh. Not ready for any of it.

re: Curse of Strahd spoilers 

@4lex - I got my current job in part by highlighting my DMing skillz

@jskellogg - glad to do so! I loved the idea and voted forit, so...
just be warned I will be of no help regarding balance issues. just spelling, grammar and coolness factor

You're a commoner who overheard a battlemage teacher talking about how the strongest element isn't Fire or Water, but Surprise. Being rather literal minded you tried to follow that advice, and now you're the first Surprise Elementalist.
#writingprompts #writing

@vicorva - I once had a cat *named* Satan. Deserved too. The story of Merlin had me laughing in sympathy.

the kitten possessed by satan (7/?) 

@vicorva - oh my

Reminder for writers: write what you want to write. Don't worry about original concepts. Its original WRITING that matters.

If 2 people are given the same prompt, they will write 2 completely different stories.

If 2 people are given the same PLOT, they will write 2 completely different stories.

If YOU NOW are given a prompt and YOU LATER are given the same one, you will write 2 completely different stories.

#writing #NaNoWriMo

maybe today you can try to do something that you need to do but you do not want to do

i will be here cheering for you! :blobcat:

and make sure to do something that you like afterwards, mew!

Remembrance Day thoughts 

@bgcarlisle - I have many feels about the poppy and rememberance day. I do not wear a poppy and feel very on edge about it. Like I am outside society.

transphobia and racism 

Let's all scream in anger together and not erase the harm that any of our comrades are experiencing, eh?

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transphobia, uspol 

You know what the rules about employment discrimination are about?

It means a return to the idea that in order to transition, you had *better* "transition successfully." I.e. You'd better be passable.

If you're not, bigots are free to fire you.

It's a return to the old ways where trans people were expected to blend in and become perfectly invisible within the cisgender world.

I started my transition at the end of that era. I don't want to return to it.

@DialMforMara -sounds super frustrating. Is there someone you can talk to and address your concerns? Even if it is a glitch it's one that needs correcting asap

Curse of Strahd spoilers 

@4lex - when PCs gotta be PCs

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