Slightly (majorly) freaking out about NaNo prep stuff today and also someone is coming to see my two newest foster furbabies and ahhh. Not ready for any of it.

You're a commoner who overheard a battlemage teacher talking about how the strongest element isn't Fire or Water, but Surprise. Being rather literal minded you tried to follow that advice, and now you're the first Surprise Elementalist.
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Reminder for writers: write what you want to write. Don't worry about original concepts. Its original WRITING that matters.

If 2 people are given the same prompt, they will write 2 completely different stories.

If 2 people are given the same PLOT, they will write 2 completely different stories.

If YOU NOW are given a prompt and YOU LATER are given the same one, you will write 2 completely different stories.

#writing #NaNoWriMo

maybe today you can try to do something that you need to do but you do not want to do

i will be here cheering for you! :blobcat:

and make sure to do something that you like afterwards, mew!

transphobia and racism 

Let's all scream in anger together and not erase the harm that any of our comrades are experiencing, eh?

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transphobia, uspol 

You know what the rules about employment discrimination are about?

It means a return to the idea that in order to transition, you had *better* "transition successfully." I.e. You'd better be passable.

If you're not, bigots are free to fire you.

It's a return to the old ways where trans people were expected to blend in and become perfectly invisible within the cisgender world.

I started my transition at the end of that era. I don't want to return to it.

If you are to tabletop social, you are a tabletop socialist

re: Curse of Strahd spoilers 

And now we've got a 2 week break so I can chill and do my D&D planning slowly whenever I feel like it, which is good since I want to change up some things about the entire burgomaster situation. The group has already concluded that even if they've returned the bones to the church, the town doesn't feel safe thanks to the burgomaster and his "ALL WILL BE WELL!" mentality. So they're going to have to deal with that next time!

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So I'm taking an online class about the Book of Kells, and learned that quite often, scribes of the time would leave little commentaries about the weather or their day or their frustrations with the quality of ink or vellum in the margins of the books they were writing.

This one is a complaint about a massive hangover.

mew! are you doing a nap?
will do a nap too :3
*curls up on top of your tummy*

Don't misgender people. If the GM says a character is a woman, use the right pronouns. If another player hasn't said what gender their character is, don't assume. If you encounter a dragon, or a bee, or anything else, don't assume it's a "he" or a "dude" or a "little guy" or any other gendered thing. Masculine is not the default.

*looks at you through a glass door* mew!
*sticks nose against glass*
*paws at door*
pls let in

a smol paw peeks from under a blanket. click to boop the paw 

*hides paw under blanket*

The dragon stalked the being of light in its cave. Suddenly it darted up the wall - the dragon lunged forward, determined to make sure it didn't escape, claws gouging stone. It chased the glowing intruder until it mysteriously faded.

Outside, the Mage asked the Rogue, "How'd you know that would work?"
"Figured if it worked on me mum's cats it'd work on a dragon."
"...We're never listening to you again."
"Hey HALF my plans always work out!"

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The other day as I was leaving for work I thought “dang the light outside seems unusual” and snapped two pictures, but since I was running late I forgot all about it. Y’all how did I forget that it was this extremely purple outside, how tired was I

"The sorceror's tower is protected by magic traps."
"No problem. I'll turn us into wombats."
"Okay. Why?"
"Wombats are unaffected by magic."
"I did not know that. Cool!"
"Yeah. I'll just use my shape-changing spell."
"Strange, it doesn't seem to work..."
#WorldWombatDay #TootFic #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Don't eat the rich. Humans contain a lot of toxins that are harmful to humans, and eating them doubles up on that. Also they contain (obviously enough) human vector diseases that you can catch in a way eating another species you wouldn't necessarily; Compost the rich and use them to grow other crops instead.

Right now in my buildings backyard: A mother raccoon and three kits playing around the pool. Mother is mostly washing, kits are wrestling. #babyanimals

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