The pack had duplicates of a few things I want for Standard, but nothing I was really excited about. The card I have the most immediate use for is this artifact for my Multani deck, which is actually Golgari-themed. The rare is also Golgari and might? fit in a Convoke deck, or might just take up space.

I'm not regretting buying this exactly, because I got what I was looking for (cards I can use), but cracking regular packs is more exciting.

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@DialMforMara Thanks for that! I've been wondering whether I want to grab a few of these for extra special cube drafts with two of my favorite cube cards (Booster Tutor, Summon the Pack). 35 cards, yes, but it says booster right on it!

Anyway it seems like an overall miss. There's less point in a themed pack if the cards aren't mostly on theme with the guild. The hope would be that the player can use their knowledge of the themes in their guild to pick the right pack for the win

@rondaa The "themed packs" were actually seeded by color, not actual theme. I was really hoping for at least a Conclave Cavalier.

They might be fun with an Un-draft; I'd expect Summon the Pack to go off extremely well, given how many creatures I got. But I wouldn't buy them for deckbuilding unless you're really short on staples.


I own an Unstable set cube, I love undrafting! Maybe I'll grab one in Golgari (just to stay on-theme with Summon the Pack) and save it for a special occasion in which I need to make my friends extra salty 😆

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