Hi there, tabletop.social! I guess here is my .

I'm a forever DM who also enjoys the artistic and DIY aspects of the ttRPG hobby, even though I'm not particularly good at those parts.

Something interesting I did: I ran The Lost Mines of Phandelver from the D&D 5e Starter Set with a group for at least 25 sessions over the course of an entire year. Of course I added stuff, but that was the core.

I also like rules-lite games like Knave and d6-based games like Barbarians of Lemuria.


I'm interested in using tabletop.social to share some thoughts about games, get some feedback, and have participate in discussions. I'd like to create blog posts from the interesting content generated, so maybe I want to use this as sort of an idea incubator.

I'm also new to Masto in general, so feel free to correct me on usage, lingo, conventions, whatever. I promise I won't take it personally 👍​

@rimraf welcome! This is definitely the community for those things. Many DMs crafter and designers amongst us.

@FASA_Andrew_1879 thanks for the vote of confidence! I have thoughts and ideas but I'm not experienced or knowledgeable enough to just bang out blog posts with any authority. Posting here seems like a good first step towards that goal.

@rimraf 500 characters at a time. I wrote a little over 80,000 words on the blog last year, but it wasn't done all at once. One post a week, 52 posts, did not miss a week the entire year, and it added up. If you do the math, it's about 1600 words per week, and just maintaining a steady pace. That's doable. 1600 is kind of a slow day for me, I like to hit 2000 a day when I'm writing for the day and not dealing with dayjob crap.

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