Is CC-BY-SA 4.0 an appropriate license for a DIY zine with multiple authors?

screencap of a tweet and a bunch of text, religious transphobic propaganda 

Love these two customers walking into a gaming store and realizing one doesn’t need to play D&D like they do on YouTube. ❤️

@rimraf I've seen French and Spanish RPGs, some of them quite good, but when they're rooted in fantasy, it's still German fantasy.


Also this beastie wears scraps of scavenged armor.

I get that a lot of "classical" fantasy is rooted in Western European ideas. What would a fantasy setting based on the Eurasian Steppe be like? Have any been published?

Maybe this instead has stats as Gnoll, depends on edition.

Another #rpg beastie from a recent desert adventure 

#rpg beastie from a recent desert adventure 

@linkskywalker I just joined Masto recently and was happy to see you show up on my federated stream (am I saying this right?). I love the blog and continue to enjoy Deadly Dungeons. Keep up the good work! 👍​

Lately I've been paying more attention to d6-based RPGs, namely Barbarians of Lemuria and Tiny Dungeon. Besides using d6, these two games are also similar in that characters advance by spending XP/AP/whatever to incrementally improve stats/skills/abilities, as opposed to gaining discrete levels. I think WEG/OpenD6 also does advancement similarly.

Is this just due to these games influencing each other? Or is there something specific about d6 games that makes this easier/better than in d20?

I'm also new to Masto in general, so feel free to correct me on usage, lingo, conventions, whatever. I promise I won't take it personally 👍​

I'm interested in using to share some thoughts about games, get some feedback, and have participate in discussions. I'd like to create blog posts from the interesting content generated, so maybe I want to use this as sort of an idea incubator.

Hi there,! I guess here is my .

I'm a forever DM who also enjoys the artistic and DIY aspects of the ttRPG hobby, even though I'm not particularly good at those parts.

Something interesting I did: I ran The Lost Mines of Phandelver from the D&D 5e Starter Set with a group for at least 25 sessions over the course of an entire year. Of course I added stuff, but that was the core.

I also like rules-lite games like Knave and d6-based games like Barbarians of Lemuria.

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