I'm new to scifi rpgs, so this may be obvious to you all.

In the Stars Without Numbers game I'm running, my players ended up stealing an old, half-junked shuttle from some pirate-slavers. They bartered to get a spike drive installed, but I told them that the shuttle is 3 maintenance periods behind schedule, effectively creating a "debt" that needs to be paid in the medium-term. I have since been informed that this reflects how Classic Traveller starts the PCs with a ship and in debt. Neat :)

Sex in ttrpg 

However while I assumed the party in this game would eventually get up to some adult situations, I didn't expect the first sex scene to involve lizardfolk... I reminded everyone about safety tools and everything but the players forged right ahead and didn't skip a beat. I've not had to deal with interspecies sexuality in a game yet, but I guess it's probably only an issue insofar as consent is an issue?

Anyway all of Masto's furries are probably all like "duh" 😹

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Sex in ttrpg 

I'm glad that Emmy Allen wrote this blogpost entitled "Sex in TTRPGs" and that I'd read it before last night's session. The PCs last night took an encounter in that direction and I felt like I was better prepared for the emotional complexity of the scene. The result was player-driven, messy, and fun.


In B/X, I think I understand that it takes a turn to explore a new, unknown room in the dungeon. But what about backtracking? How many already-explored rooms can PCs move through in a turn?

Some purists are probably seeing red, but mapping is my least favorite part of running games online. This way I was able to outsource that task to a player, who used Miro to map the dungeon as a flowchart.

Fun was had by all and I'm looking forward to doing it again with slightly refined procedures.

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Maybe original, probably not. I took a 19-room BFRPG dungeon with a numbered key, threw away the map, rearranged the order a bit, and then ran it as a Ynn-style depthcrawl with a d12 instead of d20. Worked perfectly and we had a blast.

One thing I think I'll add next time for a depth-crawl dungeon is a check to go deeper: must roll a d6 over the room's current number of exits.That'll generate some dead ends and subsumes looking for secret doors.

Ran the second session of my first-ever PbtA game last night. Wow that metasystem is really a lot of fun for creating and maintaining cinematic pacing.

I've gotten more into the hobby since starting this game and have been exposed to a much wider variety of influences, but there's something comforting about coming back to a "vanilla fantasy" game without any pressure to be original or subvert tropes. This game is character-driven and it's wonderful to be able to trust the players and share control of the world.

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Also FoundryVTT is amazing and is now available for pre-order: foundryvtt.com/

Nothing creative but I just wanted to share that my bone-standard Forgotten Realms D&D 5e game has been a real pleasure lately.

A little more than two years ago I picked up the Starter Set after a decade away from the hobby, grabbed three players, and started LMoP.

That game is still going with the same three players, even surviving the transition to online play, and has really come into its own story-wise. Everyone feels invested in the characters and the world and I'm just really thankful.

It's not often that I see a game -- draft, published, or otherwise -- that immediately makes me want to drop everything and get a game going, but Cavegirl's Dungeon Bitches has done just that: cavegirlgames.blogspot.com/202

I was looking for something with the right attitude to run for a group of friends who asked me to run a game and lemme tell ya, this is IT

I'm getting ready to start a Stars Without Number game for some work people. Right now I also really like Barbarians of Lemuria/Everywhen. Given that the skills system is already broadly similar, does it seem worth it to replace the B/X core of SWN with Everywhen/BoL? By default SWN feels a little strange to me in that it uses 2d6 for skills and then d20 for combat.

(3/3) We also keep a calendar with about one "complete" adventure for each month in the "adventuring season," which lasts about six months a year. In the same vein as rerolling HP, at the start of the adventuring year, PCs can reroll their stats if they want to and then apply all level-up ability bonuses. In this case, if they choose to respec, they must accept the modified 3d6-in-a-row ability score baseline before applying level-up bonuses.

This just happened in our game and it was awesome!

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(2/?) Our house rules add a sophisticated downtime system where a Knave can study towards (free-form) skill proficiencies, hire retainers, seek rumors, etc. Among the downtime activities is to "relax," in which a PC pays their living costs and gains no benefit except that they get to reroll their HD, taking the higher of the dice total or the current HP.

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(1/?) I run a Knave game that's been going for a while, at least a dozen sessions, and the characters just hit level 5. In this game I do like rolling dice for things like HP but don't like keeping track of every level's HP gained, so I use the rule where on level up you roll *all* of your HD and take either the total dice roll or your current HP +1.

Okay one more thing. Characters have traits, either chosen by the player or determined randomly. Traits lead to different cost-benefit analyses for PCs. Here are a few examples:

RUBE: Your CLEVER can never be greater than 1 but you will never quit this job due to a failed SAN check.

SUCK-UP: The boss always goes easy on you. Whenever you would catch HEAT, take instead half as much.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: Whenever you gain or lose COOL, you instead gain or lose twice as much.

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Finally, dice mechanics have been intentionally glossed over. I have one written down that uses d100 for catching your break and d10 for everything else, but there's probably a 2d6 version that works too.

The biggest issue is how to implement highjinks, bad decisions, and the demands of the actual job. I'm kinda thinking about cards that represent moves. Maybe X number of cards are always present and a "scenario" is a collection of Y scenario-specific cards added to the deck.

QED. Thoughts?

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When choosing characters for a new party, you can create a new one, or pick any character that quit or caught their break, so long as the've been gone for at least one party. Old wounds can be healed and sometimes that break doesn't work out...

Characters have some stats that help or hurt them in their job and highjinks. Maybe COOL, CONVINCING, CUTE, and CLEVER. Something like that. These change often. For example, doing pranks may increase COOL but saying no to peer pressure will decrease it.

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Maybe *catch your break* is a better phrasing than *go for your dream*. Anyway...

You gain SANITY with highjinks and bad decisions, but sometimes you get busted! How SERIOUS is the infraction? And how much HEAT do you already have from the boss? Make a check against SER + HOT. If you succeed, you gain HEAT equal to the SERIOUS of the offense. If you fail, you're *fired!* Pick a new character for the next party.

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