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Hi, I'm new on Mastodon - and quite excited to see all the new stuff here! I'm from switzerland and I love boardgames and Pen&Paper (totally into Cthulhu and an old form of Dungeon&Dragons!).

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Hey I'm an amateur DM and avid player of D&D if anyone wants to chat tabletop RPGs or the like say hi! :)

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Hello, I am quite new to Mastodon. I am an awfully nervous person and hope to connect to people. I like to play boardgames and currently not playing video-games.

I am currently going through a rough time and I am sure I am not alone. People deny what is happening to me or skew my perception and I would like to speak up. I am therefore awfully isolated and hope to find likeminded people.

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Hi all! I've been GMing since the late '90s, in various systems & settings. Main game world is a D&D setting I started in '03 and is still πŸ‘Œβ€‹. Just started running a new thing for me: it's GURPS Horror/Spirits/Psi, set in a small U.S. city in the early 1980s, gritty realism except for secret paranormal stuff. It's going awesome so far! I call it and will doubtlessly toot some stuff about it.

I chose this gaming instance for the inclusivity. Be seeing you!

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howdy! I'm uh. Mostly an artist I guess! If I post much it'll be fanart mostly. I like fantasy rpgs, and I'm looking forward to doing more roleplay stuff like larp and dnd when I get the chance. I'm also kinda shy ;; I'm happy to be here though!

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Y'allo everyone! I'm Ringie, new on Mastodon. I'm a little nervous, but I'm also curious to see what fun things I can find.
I love art in all its forms, and while not playing as many I'd like to, I enjoy games of all sorts. (Currently I have few MMOs I play and some card and board games I play with friends, but I'd really like to get back in the RPG scene.) Any recommendations for games I should look at are very welcome!
That's about it. xD

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Howdy y'all,

I got into roleplaying back in 2001 on the Neopets forums. Didn't get into Dungeons and Dragons until two years ago because I thought it was too nerdy.

I enjoy tinkering with game mechanics and playing characters that are clever idiots that don't know how to express their emotions.

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Hey everyone! I am Dizzy.
I've been into boardgames / tabletop games since I was a kid, and still enjoy them now!
I first heard about D&D from my mum, as she was big into boardgames and video games as well.

I'm also big into video games as well, and love chatting to people about them! Feel free to say hi! πŸ˜€

Yes! They are finally on the way! I can't wait to start putting my team together!

Would it be weird to do Kill Team with just an Aspirant and Rubric Marines? I know I'm gonna want to play before I can buy and paint a whole army...

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Hi all,

I've recently immersed myself in lore and I have my first miniatures in the mail! Used to play DnD 4e back in middle and high school.

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