Self Promotion: Crowdfunding Tabriz 

The Tabriz campaign has under 2 days left. I thought I'd talk about parts of the game for those on the fence about backing. I'll do this in chunks under this toot.

Gamefound Campaign:

NOTE: Trying to keep self-promotion on to a minimum, thus only my 2nd top level Tabriz toot. I do that as a personal choice and because my read is that the community doesn't want to be awash in this. Very open to feedback!

re: Self Promotion: Crowdfunding Tabriz 

Traders in Tabriz allow swapping with the supply and always give a good deal. Each trader has 3 options of which you must choose one for your action. But you may execute that trade multiple times the maximum number indicated right on the tile.


re: Self Promotion: Crowdfunding Tabriz 

There are no limits to how many materials you can hold in Tabriz. This allows strategies that involve building up lots of materials to trade. But because most trades involve swapping 1 material type for exactly 1 other type, this takes good planning.

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