Self Promotion: Crowdfunding Tabriz 

The Tabriz campaign has under 2 days left. I thought I'd talk about parts of the game for those on the fence about backing. I'll do this in chunks under this toot.

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NOTE: Trying to keep self-promotion on to a minimum, thus only my 2nd top level Tabriz toot. I do that as a personal choice and because my read is that the community doesn't want to be awash in this. Very open to feedback!

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The main way of gaining the prestige to win the game is completing commissions. Almost everything you do is in service of making these carpets. They come in 3 levels, and at the start of the game you can only complete the lowest - Karmandan.

Commission cards are pretty simple...

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The top and largest section shows the dyes & fibers you must have to complete the commission. The middle shows the rewards you take immediately upon completion. The bottom the workshop ability you can use at the start of every round.

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Immediate rewards typically contain money, skill, and/or prestige. Occasionally they reward materials.
Workshop abilities can be as simple as income (money) or taking materials. Or they allow trades or dice rolls. A few Ashraf workshop abilities are more complex.


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Each card level has a different focus on the rewards provided. The Karmandan pay well and reward skill often but prestige rarely. The Bazaari pay well and reward both skill & decent prestige. The Ashraf don't pay as well but reward higher prestige [insert exposure joke here].

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The most common way to choose new commission cards is to draft 4 and keep 1. This typically gives players the opportunity to choose what to focus on for rewards - skill, prestige, money? This is one aspect of strategy in Tabriz - how quickly to try earning Ashraf commissions.

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If you have any questions about commission cards and completing them in Tabriz, feel free to drop a question here or on the campaign page!

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