As an archaeologist , people often assume my career path has been inspired by Indiana Jones. While I certainly enjoy most of the IJ movies for entertainment value, they really give an inaccurate picture of in general, and honestly aren't what drew me to the field in the first place.

However, there is one thing Dr. Jones gets absolutely right.

@rettaroo when I took my first archaeology class in college (and I really deeply regret not continuing in the program), the professor showed the first ten minutes of Raiders and asked how many of us were here because of Indy. Most of the class sheepishly raised their hands, and he said, "Don't worry, so are half my colleagues."

@WilliamAdcock I have seen multiple colleagues dressed as Dr. Jones for Halloween 😂​

Honestly, Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park (the book) was more of my inspiration for digging things up! That and a few irl scientists I know 😃​

@rettaroo I just took a couple archaeology classes as electives during the later years of getting my Bachelors in History, and I really wish I'd managed to tuck a few more in for a minor. I still have my copy of Ken Feder's "Frauds Myths and Mysteries" from college, and now that I've heard him on a couple podcasts I kind of want to try and get his autograph someday.

@WilliamAdcock Oh man! I think that was the book we read in my very first Arch class! The class was called "Sex Skulls and Aliens" and was all about hoaxes and misrepresentations of archaeology. That was an awesome book! I didn't know he was on podcasts- do you have links?

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