Let me tell you about one of my fave creatures: The Carbuncle. This is an adorable tiny psychic armadillo who's MO is to drive your party into back stabbing chaos. It has a valuable gem embedded in its forehead and it uses its psychic powers to convince people they want to steal it. But if they actually try to take the gem, it dies and turns to dust. It can also do this as a free action at any time. Just. Die, as a power move. Oh, and it flies. Bc, of course it does.


Obviously I had to have these useless creatures for my own, so I homebrewed some rules and used them as the McGuffin in a one shot. I even sculpted/painted my own for them. They're names are Ta'luck (big guy), Tumble (The brown one on the right), and Tili (the little guy missing his gem). They're a ton of fun if you're looking to put your players in a weird, confusing situation.

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