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Though honestly the one thing I want for this concept is the ability to easily look at other local feeds without having to make an account for each and every one.

Really I'd treat the place like twitter crossed with discord if I could. A new hashtag a new channel or *something to that effect* but less chaotic. Bah, just working out the kinks in adaptation really.

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Some places and people are so pretty i cant believe theyre real.

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Why doesn't the proletariat, the larger of the societal classes, simply eat the other one?

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:goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin:

How many until this is considered a horde?

:goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin:

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So...I make monsters.
Here's a turtle friend.

Graphite on Bristol paper.

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@rettaroo here's one I did about a year and a half ago for a wargame called Dragon Rampant.

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Another mini I did a while back. She's not a particular character of mine, just a really cool figure that took a few nights work to properly paint. Still not sure about the yellow leggings but I love how the shading on the skirt came out.

How 'bout I show off some more I've painted? This is my main girl Mara. She's a and a big ol' lesbian.

Fun fact: I couldn't find a figure that suited her that didn't have her entire tits out, which isn't the most practical of outfits. So, the shirt she's wearing here I actually created with some delicately placed moldable plastic. She's much comfier this way.

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my greatest fantasy is that i open the exam booklet and its just a coloring book

Things I have done tonight:

- Drank tea ✔️
- Stayed Warm ✔️
- Given up my chair to give my kitty maximum comfort ✔️
- Written a complete, 20 page essay on class and identity dynamics of a Postclassic Maya city... ❌

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Felt compelled to make a small art based on today's request to remember that not everyone at the table is cool with 'dude' or 'you guys'.

Feel free to share it with others :)

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