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Researchers: "In order to study the record of rainfall in the Maya region, we collected a stalactite from this cave. We named it after the Maya god, Chaac."

Me, knowing and appreciating that Chaac is the god of rain, who also lives in caves:

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As an archaeologist , people often assume my career path has been inspired by Indiana Jones. While I certainly enjoy most of the IJ movies for entertainment value, they really give an inaccurate picture of in general, and honestly aren't what drew me to the field in the first place.

However, there is one thing Dr. Jones gets absolutely right.

Check out this badass wizard mini I got! What colors should I paint him?

So my party did a really stupid thing last session... We handed over a powerful artifact, and our gnome cleric... To a bunch of strangers we thought were working for our friends... Turns out they were working for a bad guy... And they've got our gnome and a magic trident we've been trying to protect.... Whoops.

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Us: we live in a society

Society: haha! Ha! No! It is I who lives in you!

My family got me a bunch of new for Christmas! Can't wait to paint them all!

My brother made the greatest adjustment to the slippers he gave to my fiance for Christmas

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My aunt's #cat is an absolute unit. A real #bode boi. He is #lorge is what I'm saying..

Added a drawstring and- voila! Custom dice bag.

It's been ages since I've made one of these! I'm proud to say it took the same amount of time it usually does (3 hours) and for once I didn't get a stitch out of place! (Usually I wind up having to figure out where I went wrong at least once during the process). Love the way this piece turned out, esp with the painted white scales I used.

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holidays, skeleton 

Tfw you've finally scraped through the last of your final papers and suddenly realize is a week away

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Regarding Commissions, Please Boost 

I will be closing commissions for the year in less then a week! Then I'll be opening them up again in the new year with new prices, so if you want a commission now is a great time!


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Hey Mastodon, have a Mastodon. This mount is on display at the Buffalo Museum of Science and is a biiiiig boy.

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The rainbow eucalyptus tree is the only species of eucalyptus native to the northern hemisphere!

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psst... are we allowed to log in again yet? Just to see what the damage is like? and so i can back up my blog?

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my d&d character slowly turning from a stupid twink to a stupid dad and im so proud of him

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