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Eclipse Phase shows anarchists and communists in a positive light, especially compared to the corporations in the game but I think I'd like to see, or I guess maybe make, a setting with the default assumption of an anarcho-communist structure. Maybe something Solar Punk

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I was thinking about how so many of our tabletop rpgs are rooted in inherently capitalist assumptions even to the point of anachronism in the case of medieval fantasy settings. I wonder what a "leftist" tabletop game would look like or if one has already been made that I just haven't seen yet. Closest I can think of is Sigmata but that's more anti-fa than full on anarcho-communist.

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Please help, crowdfunding 

Gather around friends.

A fellow community member needs our help.

He's lost livestock, now cannot make payment on their mortgages and facing foreclosure on their house and farm. I reach out to you to make a difference. (1/n)

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Anarchist News: **Totw: let's try this again, on criticism**

"First off, I really like good criticism. To me it a sign of someone paying attention and thinking something through. Of course, really, a good compliment can be that too, but even thoughtful, articulate compliments have to get through the fog of "people are just nice," "it's only acceptable to say som…"

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TMW after months of not having inspiration to work on something you come up with a story/campaign setting and both your local and online gaming groups all say no and each for a different reason about the thing you pitched.

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Good morning!~

There is more that connects us than divides us!

Whether your magic comes from the gods, nature, your bloodline, your studies, music, or a pact with Cthulhu it is still magic!

Whether your fighting prowess comes from sneaking, training, discipline, or rage it is still fighting!

We are all stronger together! Forge bonds with others, and no enemy can face your combined strength!

I believe in us!

~Your Bard, hand outstretched

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Today May Not Have Been The Best Of Days However That Need Not Inform Your Tomorrows, You're Going To Be Okay, I Promise

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Few things frustrate me more than having a reasoned argument with someone regarding a contentious topic they're defending poorly and then having them turn around and treat my responses like they belong to Theseus and complain about me on their feed without tagging me or replying so their followers lose all context.

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It's possible we screwed up by allowing a word as neutral as "platform" to represent what Waypoint's Artifact review here pretty persuasively calls "the dominant economic form of our era". When controlled privately by for-profit entities, platforms are /fiefdoms/ and all of us - workers, creators, customers alike - are their serfs.

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Disrespecting a trans persons pronouns just because you’re mad at them doesn’t make it acceptable. It’s still a terrible gross thing to do.

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HI EVERYONE reminder to take ur meds and drink some water today! ur doing so amazing i love u

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Hey all, I just stumbled across Mastadon this morning and found this awesome community! I'm a writer and systems designer for tabletop RPGs in my free time but love all games. I am looking forward to sharing and discussing with everyone!

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