@ackthrice NFTs are absolutely ridiculous. Its like taking the "OC for sale" concept from furry artists but not including all the usual things like transference of rights and such. Its the latest dream child of hypercapitalists that has me absolutely baffled why anyone would think it was a good idea.

@ackthric So I have to ask, is it a comedy or serious? That sounds like such and interesting concept for either.

re: Queermisia (chat logs) 

@ackthrice @OCRbot Ugh I'd complain to HR, you've told him to not discuss this with you and he has gone on to do so anyway. That crosses out of "disagreement" and firmly into, he wants to do worse or say worse but can't or won't and so he can't let it go.

@ackthrice I think it might be that it preemptively assumes there's an objective interpretation of a literary work and that any emotional relationship to the work is tertiary to its literal meaning.

@esvrld That's fair, its more that focusing on them doesn't feel productive? By their nature there's little Anarchists can do about them and giving them attention makes them feel like a larger part of Anarchist Revolution than they are. Like most people who LARP a cause or ideal they'll back down and compromise the moment privilege is threatened so they aren't helpful in any kind of effort to enact change.

@esvrld I'm agreeing that the group your describing exists, but stating the people you're talking about LARP anarchism based off some edge/cringe post they read on Reddit. However, I'm stating that that isn't what Anarchism or Anarchists are as a general group. As a group we're for the freedom of oppression of all people and all forms of oppression. We just don't trust that targeted reform can do that and think systemic upheaval is necessary.

@CyclopsCaveman Agreed, that's what a dialectic exists to analyze and if your dialectic doesn't have enough inputs you'll never have an accurate material analysis.

@esvrld I can't speak for all anarchists, no anarchist would think they could, but, that tends to be a thing teens go through when they hear about anarchism without actually learning anything about it. Anarchists don't reject hierarchy. We reject unjust hierarchy. There may be disagreements on what counts as just but praxis is focused on mutual aid to other comrades and disruption of unjust hierarchies. Anarchists are a form of communist/socialist. Trust in reform is the main differentiator

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@duotone Sigmata is a great one that combines anti fascist resistance organization with an 80s cyberpunk vibe

@Spacegeneral Horror in general needs definitive starts and ends. Otherwise too much knowledge builds up in the character and they turn into monster hunters or at least the edge dulls.

@paulczege endings are hard; the only endings we have in life are preordained or tragic. Triumphs are temporary and giving so all literary endings have to figure out the sweet spot to provide closure without trivializing what came before or might after. In journeys we find the joys of life and likewise in literature I think that so long as the ending doesn't undermine what came before i can still love the journey I was on.

Econ/Work Stress 

Been super quiet but to update from Mar 24th, I was furloughed at the end of that week and layed off this past Friday. They're taking care of me pretty well with a good severance and covering the cost of a placement assistance company to help me find other work but still sucks.

econ/work stress 

So they told us furloughs are coming and possibly as early as this week. They're looking at as much as an 80% staff reduction and I work in a team whose headcount is ratioed to overall headcount. I don't know if I'll be let go or not but the stress/anxiety is getting to me.

@Provinto most of them are just different flavors of the core. It's good for quick and dirty short campaigns but i don't recommend it for long term ones. It has statistical soundness issues in character advancement.

@kensanata I'm holding out for Talespire beta at the end of the month

@rimraf welcome! This is definitely the community for those things. Many DMs crafter and designers amongst us.

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