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@Spacegeneral Nintendo has been putting out demos for a lot of their Switch titles, Crafter World got one as did Daemon X Machina. We might see one in a few weeks after the day one sales. Most of what I'm hearing is, if you like Pokemon games. Its a Pokemon game. Has some interesting/fun gimmick mechanics but if you're looking for a revolution of the play experience, why are you playing Pokemon?

@Yoric The plan for now is to have a set of modules to choose from to start but also include a framework for building your own. @ghost_bird Or to put it another way in its most ironic musical form: @ghost_bird Academic philosophy and theory has its place and can provide useful persuasive frameworks as well as, if directed properly, arrive at possible solutions that are good "best case" targets for activism. Unfortunately our societal structures are such that the major filter to reaching academia is sufficient wealth and privilege to mean you largely aren't forced to confront the lived experience of being on the receiving end of bigotry.

@ghost_bird agree with their social ideology. If your goal is to address TERFs, racists, homphobes, transphobes, et al on a case by case basis its a losing battle. Unjust power structures will always prop those groups up subtly to keep them relevant because if I'm fighting against transphobic rhetoric I'm not addressing the power structures that accept, reinforce, and create the very suffering and oppression that bigoted ideologies attribute to minorities of whatever stripe.

@ghost_bird Sure, but you're always going to be fighting with entrenched power of one kind or another. We're always going to have liberals throwing out dog-whistles, be they racist, trans-phobic, homophobic, or otherwise because even if they agree with principles of egalitarianism and liberty they'll see anything that might negatively impact their life as "the wrong way". Even if negative is just "a little uncomfortable". So they're going to side, ultimately with those who aesthetically...

@ghost_bird that said, if there are "brown shirts" among your elected officials you have to do something but what that should be is a problem we've been negotiating as a species for almost a century now

@ghost_bird I agree but I've also argued with enough TERFs to recognize that they use fascistic ideological stylings. That is to say, they don't actually care about their arguments. They are about the purity of womanhood and arguing with them is explicitly not going to help. You can try to provide good arguments for the benefit of the bleachers but engaging with TERFs on trans women is a bit like engaging with Richard Spencer on non-white minorities.

@ghost_bird The problem isn't so much that TERFs aren't feminists (though their political alliances suggest) but rather than their ideology is internally logically inconsistent. Physiological arguments are shallow and exclude cis women with various birth defects from womanhood right alongside trans women. The "predator" arguments rely on misogynistic views on women as frail and in need of protection and that a straight trans woman is more threat than lesbian cis of sexual assault.

@sissas sorry for the delay but welcome! Your hobbies remind me of my Solar Punk friends! I look forward to getting to know you ^_^

@Garrison Welcome! We have a great mix of players, gms, designers, role players, war gamers, and good old board game lovers in our happy little community. I hope you enjoy yourself!

@Yoric The module system is a little complex because its meant to allow you to create almost anything you want while maintaining a level of play balance. Things like a "Passive" module that allows an Ability to be always on reducing the numeric stats of the ability. So if I make a self-cast armor spell that provides 10 armor for 3 rounds, I could make the duration Permanent by adding Passive to it but doing so would reduce the armor by half to just 5. (hypothetical, not final design)

Modules consist of:
a Skill Value (the investment cost) that is added to checks relevant to that skill
An ability strut that either sets the target of an ability, the effect of the ability, or modifies the function of an ability....

@Yoric Character Creation looks something like this:
Start with 3 cards with 2 nodes
Get X points
Points can be spent to:
Get more Cards
Add Nodes to Cards
Buy Skill Ranks
Once you've spent your points you then invest your Skill Ranks to purchase Modules. Modules are permanent unlocks and can be reused on multiple cards.

@Yoric You could use that same card on a Strength check if you wanted but it would only be worth 3 since Stealth isn't relevant to lifting a boulder.

@Yoric So like if you need to sneak by a guard you don't need to build a "i'm sneaky" ability. Instead you build interesting stuff by buying stealth related modules and building abilities out of them and then if the modules you used cost 6 Stealth ranks and the number of nodes is 3 then the value of that card on Stealth checks is 9, 6 for the invested Stealth Ranks and 3 from nodes. ..

@Yoric At the table you have a hand of 3 - (5 or 7, haven't decided yet) cards which represent abilities you can perform built in that system. You can use those cards as their ability activation trigger or you can use them to "bid" on a skill check using the number of nodes and the relevant invested skill ranks in the modules used. to get its value for resolving challenges...

@Yoric Oh the nodes and modules are down time/leveling mechanics. You DO NOT change those mid session.

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