econ/work stress 

@Provinto most of them are just different flavors of the core. It's good for quick and dirty short campaigns but i don't recommend it for long term ones. It has statistical soundness issues in character advancement.

@kensanata I'm holding out for Talespire beta at the end of the month

@rimraf welcome! This is definitely the community for those things. Many DMs crafter and designers amongst us.

@Golux13 Welcome! Feel free to start or jump into conversations, we're all very friendly here =)

@mxfraud For sure! I've pitched it to the forum members, if they say yes we'll get it started =) (Forum only has about 30 members, maybe a half-dozen regular posters

@mxfraud Yeah... my understanding of Fediverse in general has been server operators can simply blacklist those instances generating that content. I ended up joining one that specifically keeps that stuff out but was thinking about starting one for an old forum I'm a part of that could badly use a nudge into newer discussion styles than the old forum crawl

@kensanata ooph, well it's open source so anyone can fork it an dkeep it going but hope they can get the funds they need to keep going

Is anyone familiar with ? It looks pretty interesting as a platform but its a much smaller user-base than Mastadon (that are mostly Japanese) and seems like their servers may need a bit more oomph given the amount of functionality in the webapp.

@pine All the ones I've ever been to were on strip malls except one which was in a larger indoor shopping mall but they went out of business. That said margins on board games/tabletop aren't huge for sellers so they tend to makeup the difference on incidental sales of food/drink and/or table rentals.Biggest margin at most stores is the kitsch.

@paulczege I'm somewhat annoyed by the hearings because, while Trump has done plenty to be impeached for, its only now becoming a thing that he did something to piss off the intelligence services.

@paulczege No idea, they look like something a local TV station would put up during a segment

@Yoric @Scofisticated Pretty much, and my comment was that if you're doing that, make sure to be clear to the player you're doing so.

@Yoric @Scofisticated If you do they'll be playing the character they want but the fantasy they're trying to fulfill isn't going to be satisfied which often leads to players acting out at the table either in character or out of character.

@Yoric @Scofisticated The "mature GM" solution is to talk to him about it directly and explain to him the type of game you're trying to run and ask him for solutions that let him be the type of character he wants without violating the structure you're trying to work within. However, if the player lacks the emotional maturity for that approach be careful to not just "hide the ball" when using alternative health bars and the like...

@Yoric @Scofisticated This is a very good solution and works because it addresses what is core to the problem. It sounds like your friend's primary motivation is the fulfillment of power fantasies. The exact reason this is validating for him and the form it takes is up to personal psychology but at its root the his RP isn't an exploration but a competition. In the right context there's nothing wrong with this but in the wrong context it can be incredibly disruptive...

@Provinto I agree. Honestly though I think if you use real world/theoretical centrifugal gravity creation for ships you get A) more interesting ship designs and B) more dynamic and challenging situations when needing to work on systems near center mass or if something compromises the rotation mechanism

@Yoric @kensanata @PresGas unfortunately it's not inspiration as an issue but boredom. I can come up with the shape of the idea and workout the finer details without much issue typically but if one of those details is something like the modules I was talking about in the card based system. After I create the framework and the first few modules I start having issues with repetitive tasks. The creative part, the part I like, is done at that point and now I'm madlibbing

@kensanata Yeah its always a tough one, especially when (at least in my case) their spouse isn't good for them. (Jealous, stalker energy in a spouse does not make a good partner). He made his choice though and I'm not broken up about it (anymore) but I've been looking for a "hey look at this and give me feedback" friend ever since. All the ones I've got who will at least look these days only ever say "its good" or "It's interesting" which is so not enough

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