it's not that i think anarchism in itself is racist or intrinsically white ­— that'd be a weird claim to make in light of all the bipoc anarchists who do exist — but that to a significant subgroup of white self-declared anarchists, 'anarchism' just means 'anyone trying to tell me anything is authoritarian'

this is a completely surface-level reading of the concept that completely precludes any structural analysis, since, by this view, all oppression is the same, and leaves them unable to differentiate between being discomforted by something and being oppressed by it


@esvrld I can't speak for all anarchists, no anarchist would think they could, but, that tends to be a thing teens go through when they hear about anarchism without actually learning anything about it. Anarchists don't reject hierarchy. We reject unjust hierarchy. There may be disagreements on what counts as just but praxis is focused on mutual aid to other comrades and disruption of unjust hierarchies. Anarchists are a form of communist/socialist. Trust in reform is the main differentiator

@redlila are you agreeing or disagreeing with me here or what

@esvrld I'm agreeing that the group your describing exists, but stating the people you're talking about LARP anarchism based off some edge/cringe post they read on Reddit. However, I'm stating that that isn't what Anarchism or Anarchists are as a general group. As a group we're for the freedom of oppression of all people and all forms of oppression. We just don't trust that targeted reform can do that and think systemic upheaval is necessary.

@redlila that's kind of what i said tho isn't it. 'subgroup of white self-declared anarchists' and 'it's not that i think anarchism in itself is racist' to my mind entail that the people i'm talking about don't reflect anarchists as a whole

@esvrld That's fair, its more that focusing on them doesn't feel productive? By their nature there's little Anarchists can do about them and giving them attention makes them feel like a larger part of Anarchist Revolution than they are. Like most people who LARP a cause or ideal they'll back down and compromise the moment privilege is threatened so they aren't helpful in any kind of effort to enact change.

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