@kensanata For real, its part of why I brain dump what I'm working on designing new systems and stuff on here. Answering questions and describing it to people helps me figure out if things are too complex or if there's a problem in my logic and it lets aspiring designers see they don't have to have a fully formed idea in their head before they start trying to make their game. Hell my designs are 30% idea 70% bodge.

@redlila @kensanata Ooooh to be that brave to brain dump for public consumption.

🤔 maaaabe I am that brave...

I should practice what I preach on collaboration and idea sharing.

@PresGas @kensanata You should! Honestly part of the time I'm sharing I'm half looking for people interested in collaborating since I'm strong on the core idea/design side but weak on the populating content side. Half my designs end up on a shelf unfinished at the "now create 50 spells or character abilities" step because I'll make the first few but then it starts to be a slog and I get "over it"


@kensanata and I both host wikis with our various content and that is definitely a start in getting it out there. kensanata makes a better effort to post links here in the :fediverse:

I am definitely stalking....errr...following in their footsteps. 😎

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