Hey all, I just stumbled across Mastadon this morning and found this awesome community! I'm a writer and systems designer for tabletop RPGs in my free time but love all games. I am looking forward to sharing and discussing with everyone!

@redlila Welcome to the Table! If you have any questions feel free to ask me or another mod! I'm sure you'll like it here!~:sparkles_trans:

@artisticfennec Thanks Riley! I'll be sure to do so! I've got those sparkles in my eye too :trans_furr_white::asexual_meeple:

@redlila One of the best things about Mastodon is the custom emojis!~ :blobtrans:

@WilliamAdcock I'll get some up as soon as I can! I'm in between projects at the moment. The last one I worked on was a non-percentile d100 thing, though for the life of me I can't find my notes on it. That said the project before that was a cinematic RPG adaptation of the Avatar/Legend of Korra universe with a kind of quirky dice mechanic. If you'd like to take a look here's a link from my Gdrive:

@redlila cool! I don’t design my own rules I just work within existing systems, it’s very cool that you do your own. Non-percentile d100 - you mean the numbered golf ball? 😄

@WilliamAdcock I mean 2d10 with a designated "10s" die but sure :P

@redlila I think I’m missing something - forgive me, I’m old. How does 2d10 with a designated 10s die differ from a percentile d100? Because I use a d100 consisting of two d10s, one numbered 0-9 and the other 00-90, every day as a Call of Cthulhu author.

@WilliamAdcock It doesn't differ. You said "you mean a golf ball" and I was saying I mean yeah you could use one of those: but I usually just use 2d10 😆​

@redlila I think the phrase “non-percentile” threw me for a loop. Thanks for clarifying!

@WilliamAdcock Oh the non-percentile was meant to mean its not a roll-over or roll-under percentile system but rather an open-ended roll-over TN system with some rediculous TNs and result numbers. I may have deleted my notes on it honestly. Describing it now, it feels garbage which may be what I was thinking when the notes went "missing".

@redlila ahhh, okay, I understand now. Thank you. I’m so heavily invested in the percentile mechanic of Basic Role-Play/Call of Cthulhu these days that I don’t look at other systems as much as I used to. Clearly those skills have gotten a little rusty.

@WilliamAdcock Also, all systems these days are derivative in some fashion. The dice mechanics of this one are a bit of Cortex, a bit of Storyteller, and a bit original. The character creation system is inspired from Secret of Ziran and the whole personality trait thing is Inspired from a PC game called Long Live the Queen

@redlila welcome to the fediverse! :blobthumbsup:

Tabletop has a ton of delightful folks on it, you’ll have a lovely time over there :blobsmile:

@redlila Hallo. Welcome. Also I'd love to know more about what you worked or are working on.

@Sarklor I'm between projects. The last one that got pretty far was this adapation of the Avatar/Legend of Korra universe. The mechanics are derivative of Cortex and Storyteller and the character creation is inspired by Secret of Ziran and Long Live the Queen (PC). I got pretty far into things but haven't released yet because I need to finish fleshing out content and that iterative slog is always where I get stuck.

@Sarklor @hawkjohenson I'd love feedback btw, I tend to develop these without much feedback because my other tabletop friends don't have a head for mechanics so they can't give solid critique.

@redlila @hawkjohenson I'll see what I can do! No promises, I'm not exactly a professional.

@redlila Welcome to the table! I'm also a game designer by hobby. :D

What kinds of systems have you designer and/or written for?

@hawkjohenson I tend to design my own systems honestly. I've made a few available under Creative Commons, though nothing officially published in print.

@redlila Cool! I'm sure folks here would love to check them out, whenever you're comfortable enough to share them with the table. :)

@hawkjohenson I already shared this one with a few people, the system is done but it needs more content before its ready for a publish:

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