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Econ/Work Stress 

Been super quiet but to update from Mar 24th, I was furloughed at the end of that week and layed off this past Friday. They're taking care of me pretty well with a good severance and covering the cost of a placement assistance company to help me find other work but still sucks.

econ/work stress 

So they told us furloughs are coming and possibly as early as this week. They're looking at as much as an 80% staff reduction and I work in a team whose headcount is ratioed to overall headcount. I don't know if I'll be let go or not but the stress/anxiety is getting to me.

Is anyone familiar with ? It looks pretty interesting as a platform but its a much smaller user-base than Mastadon (that are mostly Japanese) and seems like their servers may need a bit more oomph given the amount of functionality in the webapp.

Modules are one time purchases and can be used on multiple cards, the only restriction is the same module can only be used once per card and you can't have the same ability on more than one card.

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Trying to decide if this is too complex of a system for generating abilities for the card system I mentioned yesterday. Concept is you spend your experience/character points to add nodes to cards/buy additional cards as well as to purchase Skill ranks Skill system is a bit soft by design. Intended to be a "convince the GM" rather than spelling out uses. However, Skill ranks are invested to purchase modules (parts of abilities) that can be assembled in Nodes to make your abilities...

The point of said system is built up to create situations where players are incentivized to work together but also forcing interesting decisions from players regarding their resources and preventing "one trick pony" characters since their abilities are sometimes unavailable. It also incentivizes efficient use of resources as overdoing it tends to just waste cards.

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I'm now building out a diceless system structured around custom built abilities using a module system that are assembled onto cards (with variable numbers of nodes) that can be played to activate the ability or to resolve a check which is done through a bidding system as a group against a blind difficulty. Used cards are discarded until the hand refreshes which happens when you start a turn with no cards in your hand or if you successfully "spot on" a difficulty bid.

I feel like I've been away in a kind of limbo the last few weeks(months?) and need to dig back into things. I go through cycles of assimilation and rejection of almost everything with few exceptions and unfortunately that includes pretty much all social interaction. Shoutout to @paulczege whose chain of toots earlier today got my brain out of a rejection phase.

PS: I'm in tech so I'm not impacted until they forget we are required for the company to function

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Context: Up until recently "Sales" has mostly been a customer service/care department and didn't actually have sales targets and instead worked off customer service metrics. We recently got a new investor and as parto f the deal we now have a revenue target in 5 years and the target has caused them to change sales to a more proper, sell X a month, thing. Our sales department is now bleeding people who were good employees and its sad to see. I know how this works, worse will come. fuck capitalism

Success of yesterday, bullshitted together a decent jambalaya with the wrong rice and crushed canned tomatoes instead of fresh and it turned out pretty well

I don't normally advertise/shill things but this kickstarter is very relevant for Very cool/solid way to play online tabletop I'm trying to help reach all its stretch goals. Already funded so no risk of not getting something and a friend who had the Alpha client let me try it and it was already very good then:

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There are two wolves inside of you...
one of them is a vague metaphor, the other one is a medical emergency and you should probably call 911.

TMW the mmo you played at one of the most formative time of your life finally has private servers after 7 years and you're waiting for the patcher to download the client.... CoH/V we missed you <3

Things no longer happening today:

*Keep working on Solar Punk Setting
*Read "The Conquest of Bread" by Peter Kropotkin
*Work project

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Ugh, I hate anxiety attacks. All the things you need to focus on are out the window. Even the ones you want to are too. Instead I'm sitting here listening to instrumental music trying to calm myself down while still doing at least some of my job =/

It's April 1st, keep your wits about you today. has thankfully decided to not participate but the internet gets weird today pretty much everywhere else!

Remember you are special and unique just the way you are and I like you, just as you are. Have a great one friends!

Also, because none of us hear it often enough:

I like you my friends, just the way you are. There's no one else in the world just like you and that makes you special and unique, just the way you are. I like you, friend.

Ended up starting to design something, for anyone interested. Wrote an in-world lore thing. Input appreciated though not required:!AvpV6ltSEYQ50GTvCk

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