hi! i'm red. i got into tabletop roleplay through the youtube channel the third wheel, and from there i've grown to be a huge fan of fucking around with rulesets as much as possible. i'm currently in a 5e campaign, a 3.5e campaign, and a paranoia/fiasco hybrid homebrew! i also DM a lot of one-shots.

@red Welcome to the Table! If ya eve have any questions feel free to ask me or another mod on here!~ :sparkles_trans:

@red Oh boy, I haven't gotten to see too many other Third Wheel fans too often, hello!

@starberries aw hell yeah, i haven't kept up much recently but i fell in love with thrilling intent 5 minutes into the first episode!!! i've been meaning to catch up but college has been kicking my ass

@red saaame, love the series but man I haven't caught up in forever what with work and a bunch of other stuff

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