thinking of a way of shadows monk who's a bit of a punk lol someone who looks like a weed and seems like they can't take a hit at all but once shit gets serious you're like, oh damn that guy actually can throw down?!?

but def feels a lil weird making a higher level character from scratch! hope i can keep track of all the cool things i can do

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need to finalize my backup character for wednesday's game since my current character is laying bleeding out on a cave floor out of view from the rest of the party, with 2 saves & 2 fails so far, rip

Some accessibility advice for new folks on Mastodon:

🐫 CamelCase your hashtags so it's easier for screenreaders to parse each words.

#️⃣ Put hashtags in a block at the end, rather than peppered around in the text.

🖐 Type abbreviations in uppercase (like TTRPG) so that they're read out letter-by-letter.

📸 Add alt text to any images you upload.

about to start the last session for this particular 5e campaign i've been in for the last year, what a bittersweet feeling! hoping we kick bbeg butt and come out victorious

new hey all! i'm a big fan of character creation and rpgs! currently in 3 diff campaigns though ones about to end real soon lol mainly play dnd 5e but have thoroughly enjoyed most others i've dabbled in and always have an eye out for one-shots that let me try new things!

hey it's been a million years, how's everyone doing?


ghosted by sleep yet again 😩

just finished critrole2 episode 69......oh my goodness.........:(


saw a sweatshirt at a mall kiosk with a pic of the morton salt girl & the words ‘don’t be a salty bitch’

so...i can't control my dice obsession, please help me make the best of it by appreciating my click-clacks!!!

bought the first TAZ comic! plus a lil black-green halfsies d20 which makes me think of falloween lol

literally hold my hand through writing a short story please

Rat baby 💚
wish I could cuddle her but I’m far away in school 😭

full of regret for not checking the weather report this morning

my sandals are soaked 😭

You & your roomie: deciding to watch Dora on a whim since exams are over

Theatre: technical difficulties

You & your roomie: Scary Stories it is then

re: stranger thigns 3 

@Provinto lol for sure! yeah, they're growing, & i just felt bad for poor will!! just play dnd guys!

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