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Hello! I'm nikki (she/her). I'm relatively new to RPGs (only played the past year) but I love it (& the pretty dice) and am excited to be part of a community of others who enjoy RPGs and storytelling

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anyone have experience keeping up with rpgs while going thru med school? beautiful 🌸
yet so deadly 😷

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finished reading! it was super sweet—some stories spoke to me more than others, some were more enjoyable than others, but overall a satisfying read. super happy to have helped funded this and to have my own copy ☺️

...holy shitballs

(i just finished episode 26 of campaign 2)

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if i stay really quiet and get really small, the deadlines can't see me, right?

ack just realized my carefully arranged number pips went awry as i took the pic! oh well 😝

"As she sat back down, red nosed, ears numb, she felt exhilarated for the first time in forever, like the cold wind had blown through her and taken up the grey dust all thick inside, leaving her clear to the world."

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