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the "give a man a fish/teach a man to fish" phrase concisely summarizes an attitude many americans have towards charity, the core two problems of which being; self reliance *is* the safest way to survive so it's incredibly presumptuous to believe the only reason a man cannot fish for himself is that he hasn't met someone as competent as you. secondly, none of you are trying to proverbially teach people to fish anyway, you're saying they should figure it out on their own. in this essay i will

ttrpg, maybe I'm ranting. 

A group of 30-something, someone with kids, someone always traveling for his job, can't realistically dream to have a DnD campaign (especially because no one wants to be the gm).

There are GM-less system well suited for one-shot. Come oooon >_<


Just have these posters everywhere instead of forcing people to rely on news station that change their stories every five minutes and social media memes

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to the cause

This link has been recommended to me with the following accompanying text (by M Veselak):

"Look over this list of organization put together by the Black Visions Collective. Right now we're seeing a surge of funding hit very specific organizations, often more than they can put to use at once, but the organizations on this list (especially those marked with an asterisk!) can take on the overflow."

@CornishRepublicanArmy @DeltaFlood "Let them export cake" is such a 21st century government problem

@skelltan @goat What's wrong with being 37? I once was 37 for a whole year!

need dollar 

hey! my roommate's bills decided to swamp her all at once and it sapped me of cash as well. we need food, please consider donating to or buying a logo from me! you'll have my gratitude (and, if wanted, a refund when i can afford it if you're not buying a logo)!

Happy pride month. Kind of a coming out: I wrote a blog post about how gender isn't a fixed thing and the trans community needs to be better at unlearning the gender binary.

a trans take 

binary trans/trans medicalists insistence that being nonbinary/genderqueer (at least without accompanying it with medical transition) means you're not trans and our more general belief that people can be "fake trans" or that detransitioning is a betrayal of some kind all contribute directly to terfs weaponization of detransitioned people send toot

D&D addressing racist content, birdsite link 

This thread puts some perspective around why this has come about, and the press release itself (also linked) is far more positive than I was expecting.

Sensitivity readers and re-releasing old racist content, with a commitment to changing the mechanics and narrative around 'races' in D&D in future.

By surfing the typical digital footprints, #police was able to identify a person just by her t-shirt and a tattoo: I knowโ€ฆ I actually live in an area where they grow the thing, though I'm not much of an expert in farming. An agronomist friend of mine who lives in the mountains nearby told me she sometimes goes picking wild saffron in the wild (for her own use).

A kilogram of saffron really is a lot of the thing, btw.
Something like paella makes perfect sense when both rice and saffron grow in the area. How much paella can you cook with 1 gram of saffron? :D It needs pairing with very bland base flavours to stand out, indeed.

Now, I'm assuming European cuisine or derivative.
Unlike most proper , saffron grows in (southern) Europe. I suspect this made it comparatively cheaper than, say, pepper in the distant past. Then colonial exploitation lowered the cost of imported spices and the tastes of, say, English people developed toward spicier. Now you are in northern Europe cooking w/saffron imported fromโ€ฆ where?

Trump just put out an official statement targeting โ€œโ€โ€ANTIFAโ€โ€โ€ that uses the literal fucking Nazi triangle icon they used to mark communist/anarchist /political prisoners in concentration camps now is DEFINITELY the time to breadpill my mom I am about to have a fucking panic attack

Brian powers was a black trans man who was murdered in Akron, Ohio last Saturday . #sayHISname

@SunSaint That doesn't seem to be a US only thingโ€ฆ (Also, nominally having some state-owned TV channels doesn't do much to remediate that).

I wish the US govt would just run an open state backed news operation instead of the situation we have now where it's just 5 corporate fiefdoms that suck the dick of whoever's in power. It make explaining things easier

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