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Belges en Congo: 10 millions de morts, un sacrifice humain inouï de cruauté, pour permettre à un modeste royaume européen de satisfaire ses appétits économiques, sous la pression d’un monarque prêt à tout pour avoir sa part du "gâteau africain".

Ce n’est pas un génocide. J’essaye de donner une autre définition, qui serait celle du DEMOCIDE (une tuerie démographique, ndlr), parce que le génocide c’est une volonté de tuer des gens spécifiques. Il n’y avait pas une volonté de tuer en particulier ces gens là. Ça aurait pu être d’autres gens, 500 km plus loin. C’était de l’esclavage déguisé. Le résultat est le même que pour un génocide, mais d’un point de vue vocabulaire c’est un meurtre de masse, pas un génocide, mais c’est le premier commis par des Européens.

"Atlanta police officers are refusing to answer the radio and walking off of the job. The county can go screw themselves. If you want a society without police we’ll give you one. Let it burn!"

Imagine walking off your job because you want to kill people without being accountable for it LOL

Our new Fairphone 3 protective case is slim, lightweight and soft, yet sturdy enough to survive unexpected shocks and drops. This purpose-built case is just one more way we’re helping your phone last even longer. Now in GREEN! 💚 📱 Coming soon:

@paulczege "Gluttony" re-contextualized for the real world, in the modern day, is probably our complicity in the meat-farming industry (which is a terrible waste of resources with suffering as a byproduct). Of course, "wastefulness" could cover that and more. Oh, I see: you listed "exploitation".

@paulczege Going to submit basically the whole of modern tech entrepreneur culture as a reason to keep pride in the list, tbh.

Is it time for an updating of the seven sins? Like, who thinks it's pride or gluttony behind the evils of our world? What do you think:


Coronavirus is fun because I dress like a stalker LARPer every day


I am Black, queer, nonbinary, & an unabashed people person. MD/PhD student in NYC; trying to escape with my sanity & ethics intact. Learning to value kindness over cleverness.

Lots of boosts & personal posts here; to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Listing some things I like until I reach the character limit: tarot, storytelling, video games, worldbuilding, non-vocal music, sci-fi/fantasy (esp from people often erased from our vision of the future), plants, & you (probably).

The gender of the day is an agreeable satyr in a library.

"The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. of the public imagination was a unifying figure who bridged America’s bitter racial divide and peacefully liberated the South from Jim Crow.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who actually existed was spied on and blackmailed by the federal government, arrested roughly 30 times, beaten, stalked and assassinated, and died one of the most disliked people in America."

Seattle renting and real estate (public post) 

So I know seven queer households offhand in the Seattle area supported by one or two folks making six figures in which everyone else in the house isn't making anywhere near that much.

It's because of the limited nature of housing due to the astronomical price of sales and rent around here.

Which puts the other folks in the household at the mercy of two forces - capitalism and the six figure heads of household. This is a fucked up power imbalance for whom there is currently no reprieve. Not only do you need to earn a living, you need to stay in the good graces of the household head too.

And this setup is done with the best of intentions. Folks want to help each other out but the situation has reached the point where it is the de facto setup. If you're not in tech, you need to find a head of household willing to take you in, unless you can find a two bedroom with space for five people.

These gentrified neighborhoods need near-minimum wage workers for the restaurants and grocery stores but fuck over anyone actually living there.

I don't know much about non-queer households in the area, but the polyamorous nature of our relationships also means that things can get really scary and tangled very fast.

This needs to stop. We need affordable housing. Fucking now.

"At least 98 law enforcement agencies — many in large cities — used some form of tear gas against civilians protesting police brutality and racism in recent weeks, according to an analysis by The New York Times. This brief period has seen the most widespread domestic use of tear gas against demonstrators since the long years of unrest in the late 1960s and early ’70s, according to Stuart Schrader of Johns Hopkins University, who studies race and policing."

ever fall down on a wikipedia hole and realize that there are a Concerningly Large number of statues currently standing in the USA that were donated by Benito Mussolini? some of which literally say "fascist italy gave this to you" on them?

If company are people too shouldn't PG&E be in jail for life?
(I think the board and C level should be in jail and the shareholders wiped out)

@prophet_goddess And, yeah, I wouldn't rule out satisfied players tipping the makers of the games they actually liked and played a little extra. Especially if the games' pages are designed to make it easy to tip creators, or at least include reminders that this is an option.
Also, I can see retroactive curation (people reviewing games, making thematic lists of games, etc.) as something deserving of compensation too. [3/3]

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