"Norwegian independent repairer's 3-year legal battle ended last week when Norway’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of .
With this decision, Apple confirms it’s able to weaponize intellectual property law to shut down independent . This [...] is also bad for the planet, as high prices for repair push consumers to cycle through products faster and faster."

@rafu This is horribly bad news for repair shops, customers who don't want to spend bazillions on overpriced original product just because there is a fancy sticker on it and the planet.

@phoenix @rafu The first step to take would be to stop calling it "intellectual property". As that leads to thinking about it as a matter of, if the one has it the other can't since that's the reason property laws exist. Calling the sum of trademark ownership, patent grands and copyright, "intellectual property" is leading to extremely restrictive laws because one starts thinking of knowledge as physical goods which only can exist at one place at a time.


@cybercow @rafu Some companies are build on the idea of protecting their intellectual property, and I personally don't have a big problem with that. That being said, it is a big problem, that the idea of "intellectual property" can be extended to simple things like edges with a specific curvature.

We don't have a problem of the next integrated fusion reactor being patented (for a reasonable time), but we do have a problem if a stupid simple glass screen is under patent law


@phoenix @rafu and that's part of what i tried to say.
If it is called "(intellectual) property" people think about it as, someone came up with it so it should be his and only his for life. And that seams to actually be the thinking of lawmakers of the last decades (since this term got introduced by media corps) think about it. And that's why it is harder to make thinks you can't be sued for than just make thinks that actually work.


@cybercow @rafu Exactly! Destructive forces like patent trolls exploiting those measures are parasites and doing no good to society or humanity.

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