I say this as a design dude that became a developer because I got tired of developer's telling me what could and couldn't be done.

In my career, I can honestly say 90% of devs make shit overly complicated so they can impress other devs.

It's the 21st century, homie. Things should be getting _easier_ to use, not harder.

True there is something to be said about learning about programming to help bridge that gap, but as devs, we gotta meet them more than halfway.

Because we know how.

There is a fluidity to great design that when it is done well, it disappears. The greatest design is invisible.

This is the same ethos I would like to see applied to development and programming. Of course, there isn't going to be a one to one translation, but good development should be easily digestible, not a marathon of unraveling some random insufferable person's theories.

I'm often disappointed with devs because so many are invested in keeping it a mystery.

And that's some bullshit.

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@Are0h "There is a fluidity to great design that when it is done well, it disappears. The greatest design is invisible." - your words? A quote?

Thinking of my preferred field (analog ), I *both* agree w/those words and I don't.

Like, invisibility seems to me to be more of a starting point than the height of achievement: that's the black belt, then we're out of the kids' pool and things get real. Might be a divide between *expressive* design vs. "merely" functional , though.

@rafu Ha, this is an odd question. Why would you assume they weren't my words?

This doesn't make much sense to me because it takes time and effort to the get to the point where design, whether functional or expressive, it supplements the experience rather than dominate it.

Elaborate on what you mean as a 'starting point'. A starting point for what?

@Are0h well, that sounded like a very polished aphorism, so I thought it might have been a well-known maxim from some design bible you were quoting.* Seemed like a sensible thing to ask as I was elaborating on that paragraph.

Congrats for crafting a nice worth quoting, then!

* = That's probably because I've met a couple people who were *really* into general design (as opposed to _just_ game-design) and used to do that all the time.

@rafu LOL, because for some magical reason Black folks can't create 'a very well polished aphorism' so it has to be a quote from somewhere? And that's a 'sensible' question to you?

Ha, I'm just going to end this exchange here. For your sake.

@Are0h Uh... I didn't know you are black until you mentioned it, that is right now? Uh, I guess I could've known from your profile pic, except those show up very small on my screen. Awkward.

I now see huge unintended implications for which I apologize. Sorry.

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