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TO BE PINNED - Explanation of puzzling following/unfollowing behavior:

On as well as and other role-playing-game-centric instances, I'm mostly following people interested in the same games as I (i.e. typically not D&D/PF).

HOWEVER I've been exploring the network by hashtag searches, and tend to follow people from other instances who mention RPGs (including D&D). There's a rationale to that, feel free to inquire.

Just tell me if that feels creepy. I'll GTFO your yard.

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Since we're doing the thing, I'm from -and based in- Italy, pushing 40, masc/he but also a bit of a princess. Historian (Early-modern Japan especially), translator&teacher (English), used to work in manga/anime but no more. I play a lot of, collect & design quirky self-contained aka - both 1shot and short campaigns. Played ages ago, but I'm bored of D&Disms (though I might be down for some radical deconstructionist talk).

does anybody else enjoy staying up late because you feel like its the only time of day when the demands of life arent being forced on you and time seems to stand still for a bit and your problems recede into the background. is that just me

Today marks the first anniversary of the brutal assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Maltese police claims to be still "actively investigating" the case, but people already know how this is going to end.
(Screenshot taken at 8:05 on the Times of Malta homepage)

Firefox is removing RSS features, but defaults to allowing third-party cookies.

Firefox, your priorities are wrong.

Remove the old RSS code, make it new. Block third-party cookies.

Or drop RSS like it was gopher+, and block third-party cookies.

Or ignore everything I've said and block third-party cookies.

As promised, version 1.0 of #PeerTube, a free and federated video platform, has just been released.

Thanks to all the people who supported this summer's crowdfunding.

This is only the beginning! #JoinPeerTube (article in English to come)

Landscape into art #7 : Summer Mountains, Handscroll, Qu Ding, Northern Song Dynasty, eleventh century Show more

gay cartoon sex, visible cartoon nipples, juvenile DnD playstyle Show more

an issue with discussing game labor issues, particularly when it comes to day to day exploitation, is that a lot of folks can't talk about it without fear of reprisal, and folks whose experience includes management/ownership will say it's just the price of doing biz, leaving people in the indie/press space to speak out most easily. which gives a false impression of the totality of who is/can be involved in it.

facts: when cats get that faraway stare in their eyes, it's because they are protecting your home by battling demons in the demon realm

Playing 's Radion Accelerated Drive w/the same people I played my -slash- hack/mashup for a year makes me understand how influenced that too. To be added to the credits in the next draft.

If you're reading The Clay That Woke and want to talk about it, Jason D'Angelo has an open invitation:

@moshboy oh! There was a take-rocket-to-Mars sim on Atari 800 that made you decide what to bring, and weight and cost was important. You could buy cats, which were useless. But you could buy *negative* amounts! I would fill up on negative cats and float off the Earth with tons of equipment and piles of cash. I still think about all those negative cats.

If you've ever wondered how books get onto, this is how

@Miru I have had players from multiple campaigns before say that they know I'm always going to make some sort of "standard enemy" seem really sympathetic (orcs driven to pillage because the elves destroyed the ecosystem of their land), and "standard interactions" into things that are troublesome (high elves attached to a caste system that makes them serious jerks to anyone that doesn't fit into that cleanly).

There was no one to challenge Oatman's version of events so she - a consummate survivor - crafted one that best served her interests. I don't blame her. The details she changed are pretty predictable. We know she lied about why they tattooed her face because we know why the Mohave tattooed people's faces. Some of it is extrapolation based on the experiences of others in her situation. Some of it is conjecture based on things like her Mohave nickname, Spantsa, which means "rotten womb". (4/3)

They met as friends in early February, 1864, in New York City. It's hard to imagine the feelings these two must have had - both strangers in America in the middle of the Civil War, both victims of horror and brutality, both in their own way doomed to permanent other-ness, both taking comfort in words only they could understand in the crowded dining room of the Metropolitan Hotel. (3/3)

Oatman had been kidnapped and enslaved by the Western Yavapai in 1851 and sold to the Mohave the following year. She assimilated and grew to respect her captors, whom she left in 1856. Hers was a celebrated captivity narrative and she and her brother Lorenzo were famous at the time. Oatman and Iritaba chatted like friends. Iritaba told her that her adoptive sister missed her and hoped she would return. (2/3)

Chief Irataba (Eecheeyara tav in his own language) of the Mohave led an interesting and predictably tragic life as a leader doomed by contact with Europeans while sandwiched between implacable local enemies, but the thing that captures my imagination is this: while he was in New York he visited with, and reminisced in Mohave, with 27-year-old Olive Oatman - probably the only person outside Arizona Territory who spoke the language, and possibly the only American anywhere fluent in it. (1/3)

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