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Everybody: I've been taking a few weeks off social-media in general. For the foreseeable future, don't expect me to be keeping up with my whole local timeline or everything.

But do @ me! I'm pretty much warranted to check notifications every other day or so.

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TO BE PINNED - Explanation of puzzling following/unfollowing behavior:

On as well as and other role-playing-game-centric instances, I'm mostly following people interested in the same games as I (i.e. typically not D&D/PF).

HOWEVER I've been exploring the network by hashtag searches, and tend to follow people from other instances who mention RPGs (including D&D). There's a rationale to that, feel free to inquire.

Just tell me if that feels creepy. I'll GTFO your yard.

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Since we're doing the thing, I'm from -and based in- Italy, pushing 40, masc/he but also a bit of a princess. Historian (Early-modern Japan especially), translator&teacher (English), used to work in manga/anime but no more. I play a lot of, collect & design quirky self-contained aka - both 1shot and short campaigns. Played ages ago, but I'm bored of D&Disms (though I might be down for some radical deconstructionist talk).

I was tempted to write something like "I'm very knowledgeable about RPGs, thank you".

That's followed by a 500-char input box to describe the "adventure" I want to run, including no. players and all information relevant to running it at the convention. Not just the elevator pitch, it's that + organizer-facing info. The prompts and rules for what they want you to write EXCEED 500 chars.

Is a tweet + a toot your idea of grounds for picking volunteers, big con? [2/2]

Big generalist game convention (2nd biggest in my country, I think) puts out a call for RPG GMs, and I decide to try and answer it. They make it clear there's gonna be a selection, point to a Google Form (of course), and after I input some personal data there's this field with a 150-char *description* asking for my bio as a role-player, including games I'm familiar with, groups I'm affiliated with and more. Input box has 200 characters limit. WTF? [1/?]

"Can Anyone Live in Full Software Freedom Today? Confessions of Activists Who Try But Fail to Avoid Proprietary Software" by Bradley M. Kuhn and Karen Sandler (FOSDEM 2019 video)

Thought-provoking talk. I'm not sure if it gives me relief (that I'm not the only one who struggles with this) or despair (at the impossibility/absurdity of the whole struggle).

Beekeeping isn't the only way to #SaveTheBees - solitary #bees are just as important. Building a bee hotel can offer shelter for wild bees, and as a bonus they'll pollinate your garden for you #permaculture style


Michael Prescott has a new mini adventure on his blog. โ€œIn every town, village, and hamlet are women who have seen beyond fear, who are strong enough to push back winter and bring new life to the lands. Their power comes from beneath an old, stone shrine, half-forgotten by the people of today. What secrets are known to those who dare pass through the mouth of spring?โ€

My new game Beep is live on for your purchase and sharing! It's inspired by the #sadmechjam and the loss of Opportunity, as well as my own disability. Check it out!

@kasshelfant Yeah! If people decide they just want to steal it, that's fine. I gotta try for some trust. :)

Lost my job, no new job yet, inventory clearance, 16 Feb pt2: Full persian bracelets in anodized aluminum and neoprene, stretchy, no clasp needed, fits 7" - 8" wrist size. $20 ea including USA shipping to

This is important: and may destroy innovation in Europe. We nearly stopped it before, but now we really need to avoid it at any cost.

We had a link tax in Spain and it was a disaster for small publications. The automated filters would be a disaster too (see tumblr) and only big corporations will be able to implement it, so it would be externalized to Google or Facebook, which already have it. Will we hand them over the control over the Internet?

I'm in a #microfiction mood. Fancy a game?

Offer me the name of a plant and in return I will write a spooky-sweet encounter.

I'll take 10 prompts and all stories will be replies to this toot.

#TootFic #fantasy

This Person Does Not Exist:

This is: A) a creepy glimpse into our AI driven future where every form of evidence can be faked and the world looks more and more like Philip K Dick's worst nightmares

and B) a great source of character portraits for PCs and NPCs in modern day RPGs. You're guaranteed to not accidentally use a person who turns out to be a minor celebrity or a notorious serial killer or something, because these people don't exist.

While I'm amused by people talking about throwing seeds onto rich peoples' lawns, I do find myself wondering if you'll just be indirectly supporting big companies which make and sell weed killer.

That said, if you do want to do this, make sure the seeds you plant are monocots. Just like grass, they're immune to the crap people put on their lawns.

Gods, I wish I was more technologically-minded so I could just invent my own app that collects together events from venues I like so that I donโ€™t have to look at Facebook

So there's this absolute scumbag in North Carolina who hates gay people, and also happens to be blind.

In the last few days I've seen a ton of people mock him for not looking at cameras, or 'the weird way he moves his eyes.' It's a textbook example of why focusing criticism on someone's physical traits is never a good idea.

Most folks I've pointed this out to are suitably chagrined, and I appreciate them <3. A few try to defend themselves. He's a scumbag, so there's no holes barred on insulting him, right? No.

When we mock a bad person for being blind, or fat, or trans, we're telling everyone with those traits that we secretly think they're less than wholly human. Maybe we won't admit it so long they remain "good," but we've admitted that it's there under the surface.

This is an article on how to play a role-playing game as a character from another ethnicity or culture. Don't make me regret it.

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