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Everybody: I've been taking a few weeks off social-media in general. For the foreseeable future, don't expect me to be keeping up with my whole local timeline or everything.

But do @ me! I'm pretty much warranted to check notifications every other day or so.

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TO BE PINNED - Explanation of puzzling following/unfollowing behavior:

On as well as and other role-playing-game-centric instances, I'm mostly following people interested in the same games as I (i.e. typically not D&D/PF).

HOWEVER I've been exploring the network by hashtag searches, and tend to follow people from other instances who mention RPGs (including D&D). There's a rationale to that, feel free to inquire.

Just tell me if that feels creepy. I'll GTFO your yard.

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Since we're doing the thing, I'm from -and based in- Italy, pushing 40, masc/he but also a bit of a princess. Historian (Early-modern Japan especially), translator&teacher (English), used to work in manga/anime but no more. I play a lot of, collect & design quirky self-contained aka - both 1shot and short campaigns. Played ages ago, but I'm bored of D&Disms (though I might be down for some radical deconstructionist talk).

Fuck can you imagine if businesses started using instances like they make facebook groups for like work stuff? I just thought of this and chills ran down my spine

Need some tough love on my Iron Facets project. It is raw, unedited, and need a lot of linguistic polishing, but I'm fairly happy about where it has landed.

It is a description-centered fantasy story game, with few numerics or scores, influenced by several game mechanics (PbtA, FitD, Fate/FAE, Cthulhu Dark, Sorcerers & Sellswords). Due to license specifications regarding adaptations, I'm inclined to release this under something else than the CC BY 4.0 it has now.

A dummy's guide to backing up a with :

Also, a concerted effort by Team to save some porn from the fire:

NSFW warning: links are to a blog w/small nude picture in the corner (a painting) and kinky links in the blogroll.

I know that self-interest is like, the grossest way to get people to care, but isn't it interesting ("""interesting""") that a pair of bills nominally about human trafficking have targeted voluntary sex workers (including people in pornography) and is now splashing over onto basically anybody who trips a very poorly trained algorithm because you made a joke about Kirby not wearing pants?

Enforcement of FOSTA / SESTA is a goddamn privacy and expression nightmare. And this was bipartisan!

imagine if websites loved getting rid of white supremacists as much as they love taking safe platforms away from sex workers lol

FOSS is free as in toilet

Excellent statement, absolutely true

All the luxuries which come with being in a position of wealth and power (drivers, cooks, bodyguards, personal assistants) are analogous to the wilful relinquishing of bodily autonomy which characterises adult babies.

So when men in positions of power are portrayed as babies, this is simply a metaphorical exposition of what it really means to exercise power, and, more to the point, to be a capitalist: It means undoing not only other people's personhood, but also your own.

Hey crowd, what's the best way to install run untrusted software in a sandbox, while not having the performance tank?
A full VM seems to not work very well for me, at least in VirtualBox.

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Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare. ~ Audre Lorde

Hear The Epic of Gilgamesh Read in the Original Akkadian and Enjoy the Sounds of Mesopotamia via @openculture

Woke up to weird unsettling (again). bans "female-presenting ". worried u might look at nakkid ladiez thru their WiFi oh noez! don't want to earn online. etc.

of a small-press supplement might seem like a lesser evil in comparison? It's a by a destroyed in a . Zak S makes a VERY compelling case for how this fits in the bleak big pic:

Did you know Fairphone 2 contains around 24mg of gold?
To raise awareness about gold in smartphones, we're extending the 24% off pricing on your new Fairphone 2. #JoinThePioneers
โฌ‡๏ธ โฌ‡๏ธ โฌ‡๏ธ

The new Indie RPG Pipeline is live!
(link: theindierpgpipeline.blogspot.c)
Through the Pipeline, I look to help spread the word of new indie tabletop roleplaying games being released and going into crowdfunding. You can follow by blog, rss feed or by daily email digest.

You can find the handouts from the What's Hot in Indie RPGs seminar from Dragonmeet in London this last weekend below:

Games played and trends

Games released (warning 15mg file)

I'll be releasing the audio and source data once I have it cleaned up.

I dared to Ludem! #LDJam

@Ncl and I completed our Ludem Dare game: Misfoturne Tellers just in the nik of time!

You can check it out here:

Grab 2-3 friends and find out the date of the apocalypse and the means of our demise!

Print and play to save the world (or save yourself).

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