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Everybody: I've been taking a few weeks off social-media in general. For the foreseeable future, don't expect me to be keeping up with my whole local timeline or everything.

But do @ me! I'm pretty much warranted to check notifications every other day or so.

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Since we're doing the thing, I'm from -and based in- Italy, pushing 40, masc/he but also a bit of a princess. Historian (Early-modern Japan especially), translator&teacher (English), used to work in manga/anime but no more. I play a lot of, collect & design quirky self-contained aka - both 1shot and short campaigns. Played ages ago, but I'm bored of D&Disms (though I might be down for some radical deconstructionist talk).

Housebound advice from a long-term housebound person, boosts ok 

One of the anons who had been contributing to my book saw me dunking on landlords and got indignant because apparently they're a landlord. In typical landlord fashion they're now withholding the rights to their illustrations so that I can't publish.

I need some ~18 illustrations recreated because some "lefty" doesn't understand that having the power to throw people into the streets and profiting off that position are incompatible with socialism.

Anyone want to help out?

Hey y'all, Philly Socialists, one of the most promising leftist organizations in the country, is raising funds to provide pabdemic disaster relief mutual aid across Philadelphia, one of the poorest major cities in the country. They do amazing work and pioneered the base-building model of organizing that has found so much success in tenant's unions and community gardens. Now they're responding to COVID-19

If you can donate it would be so impactful.

If you like music and want to help us eat food, you can also grab some of my music -- Bandcamp is temporarily giving all proceeds to creators in the crisis!

Good morning fedi.
I need your #help again.
Can someone suggest a nice 2 players game to play-by-mail?
Something less heavy than chess, and preferably less abstract?
On the level of "hey that's my fish". ^^

covid19, israel 

enbies: I'm not a bee *and* I'm not a skeleton

cis: oh I see. you're half way between a bee and a skeleton!

Is it a gaming convention? Is it a party? Is it a bad joke?
COMING 18-20 SEPTEMBER 2020 — save the date!

Managed to remember to terminate my subscription, at last!
Wonder why I had one in the first place.

Oggi (ieri in realtà, ormai!) sui muri di #XM24 è comparso un gioco da tavolo amatoriale. si chiama what are clouds e ci abbiamo lavorato in due un annetto fa. Consiste nel guardare cieli inventati (come quando si guarda il cielo da un tetto!) per poi disegnare figure direttamente sui fogli. Se ci passate ed è ancora su (non si può mai dire, visti i supporti improvvisati che abbiamo usato!) sentitevi liber* di abbellirlo con i vostri scarabocchi! <3
Download PDF gioco:

hey theres a uk parliament petition for an enquiry into media transphobia

if you live in the uk you should sign 👍👍👍

So uh, I'm homeless (person I was living with got evicted), staying with a friend's parents 1½ hours from my brand-new job, and need things like work outfits (my job has a dress code) and gas.

I'm not paid until Friday. When I start making money and have a roof over my head, I will be helping others. But for now I need some help to get through the week.

- logs into Mastodon after 2 weeks;
- is saluted by @goat gloating "I did it";
- considers disappearing for another couple weeks, for my safety.

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