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HandyCon Winter 2019 was enjoyable. Not as many games played compared to the record high amount in summer 2018, but learnt 6 new games over the weekend, including the much talked about Wingspan.

“Dire Wolf Digital Announces Upcoming Lineup of Digital Board Games”

Mage Knight, Root, Reiners Knizia’s Yellow & Yangtze, Wings of Glory, and Raiders of the North Sea. That’s a great lineup of board games coming to my computer 😃🎲🎮

“EA’s Troubled Decade Of Star Wars Games”

2 multiplayer FPS in 6 years is unacceptable and poor output from EA. FFG has released more excellent and varied board games in that amount of time.

I get that video game development has changed since LucasArt’s days, I refuse to believe EA or some other publisher couldn’t have done a better job.

“‘70s spy game Conspiracy is the next forgotten classic to be resurrected by”

Sounds like a fun social game, I can imagine a lot of amusing take that gameplay and outrageous bidding.

“Why is there a fire beetle on my desk?”

Random things said at

First world gamer problem is worrying that someone will empty the vacuum cleaner before you’ve had the chance to rummage around and check for lost board game pieces. 👀💦

The biggest challenge to overcome will be finding the discipline to ignore bargains for good games. I am quite a bargain hunter, but I need to see if I can let deals go, especially when they’re coming from friends.

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Purchase wise I’ll Kickstart the Root expansion later this year and probably treat myself with a £200 budget for UK Games Expo. Maybe Kickstart one or two titles if something very special comes up. And probably get some expansions for the games I already own and love.

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My other aim for 2019 is to buy fewer board games.

It sound laughable considering my new job earns me 3 times as much as my previous line of work, but I sincerely feel I shouldn’t have a problem achieving this goal.

My board game café ambitions are going on hiatus and my gaming group is filled with so many games that I already satisfied with what I own. I’m just gonna enjoy everyone else’s stuff.

Now that I have another Rabbit Claw account registered on a Web Design centric Mastodon instance, I figured I best tweak the avatar icon here so I don’t confuse myself when I’m switching between accounts I want to post on.

@meeplegamers Have to say I like your logo, the colour gradients are pleasing to the eyes. 👍

I avoid being ‘that person’ who gets offended if a product they ordered does not arrive the very second after they order it.

That said, I feel like I may have been a little too patient with the Kids on Bikes RPG book. Everyone else seems to have their copy and I’m twiddling my thumbs wondering if I should make my next email to support a little more passive aggressive.

when I first ran D&D, my grandmother, who had bought fully into the IT'S SATANISM hype, insisted on sitting and watching the first session

about an hour in, she threw her hands up and yelled 'THIS IS JUST MATH' and stormed off

Been browsing my board game stats for 2018 and formulating aims for 2019. Initially I thought about beating my 401 play sessions, but then it’s not the kind of quantitive goal that’s going to give me value.

Instead I shall aim to play over 85 new games this year, since I enjoy new experiences.


“Gillen’s latest creative work, a comic called DIE […], is a comic about a tabletop RPG game gone bad”

I’m sure the experience of poor dice roll is familiar among people on the RPG Mastodon.

I need to learn to stop being so accommodating for friends. A friend offers to sell me Descent and Whitechapel for £45, but asked I send the money to a bloke on a FB game trade group for This War of Mine and have it sent to him. Now I’m having to be a middle man finding out when my friend’s game is going to arrive.

There’s this scene in Jumanji where the kids show Robbin Williams’s character the board game and he recoils, screaming “get that game away from me”.

This needs to be a gif and a meme in the board game community people!

Watching Jumanji with mum, sister and her boyfriend. I love that film and it bothers me that history has viewed it as meh, cus I always remember how big a film it was in the 90s. Oh and it helps that it’s about board games, one of my fav hobbies.


Saw this being sold at the TK Maxx in Peterborough for £9.99, which I think is a decent price for a dexterity game with dough.

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