“Asmodee Seeks New Partners in Digital/Interactive Space for Catalog” dicetowernews.com/article/asmo

Hoping this means some future interactive games set in the Twilight Imperium universe

“Bonus: Earth Games - Clue! — Hello From The Magic Tavern” overcast.fm/+IggqDtTOU

The only way to make entertaining, have the cast of Hello From The Magic Tavern improv around it.

“Persi Diaconis Mixes Math and Magic | Quanta Magazine” quantamagazine.org/persi-diaco

Looking at the maths of the shuffle where you wash the cards across the table like a huge swirling ocean.

“Dungeons & Deceptions: The First D&D Players Push Back On The Legend Of Gary Gygax;” kotaku.com/dungeons-deceptions

We have an obsession with crediting one person as the genius, when reality is that most products are a social collaboration. And some things, well the stories become a blur and lost to time

“Mapmaker: The Gerrymandering game that puts the fun in undermining democracy” arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/08

This really showcases the power of board games to not only be leisure but also a talking point where we can learn something

Scythe: Rise of the Fenaris

An enjoyable addition to Scythe all in all, some great module additions. Though I will admit being a little bitter that if you’re not a particular good player (like me) you will likely fall behind in the campaign. But it’s realistic system, like real life.

Command & Conquer the Kickstart tabletop strategy game with hundreds of miniature.

Only road block I could imagine is EA

I’ve come to conquer Scythe Digital surprisingly easy. I’ve modelled the AI according to my Scythe Feneris group; 3 hard AI, 2 moderate. The AI isn’t that tough, if anything they can often just turtle rather than spread. Guess I’m going to have to up it to 5 difficult AI, or even play against humans online.. *shudder*

Whilst wandering around UK Games Expo 2019, I am amazed every year how many dice 🎲 stalls there are. How many dice can people possibly want?!

“Alien Is Getting a Tabletop Roleplaying Game” io9.gizmodo.com/alien-is-getti

Eek, sounds scary. But it’s certainly a franchise that has grown into quite an expanded universe.

I think I would like to do a Star Trek Adventure RPG in the style of Voyager, that type of lost in space scenario would help compensate for those less caught up on Star Trek canon and also it would offer a reason for crew inexperience if say they were trainees lost on a day out.

Been going through a range of emotions when looking at the Humble Bundle for Pathfinder PDFs.

Stage 1: Oooh bargain price

Stage 2: Hang on, isn’t Pathfinder being replaced with a 2nd edition?

Stage 3: I’m not that into fantasy RPGs either…

Stage 4: Ooo but it does include Starfinder, I like sci-fi 😁

Ooh a Kingdom Heart board game, most excell.. oh it’s based on Talisman... *interest levels off*

alright star wars destiny, you win. i'm watching clone wars

are you happy now yeesh

Been watching Star Trek Voyager and thought that would be a good premise for a campaign board game.

You’re lost in the wrong part of the galaxy, make your way through space, visiting planets and space points of interests, make decisions, get stuck in combat, all having an effect on narrative as you gradually get closer to home.

So I ordered the 4 supplements for Elite: Dangerous, and Spidermind Games must have realised I already had the core book because they threw in the box you normally only get for buying the complete set. That was nice of them.

Its a cool place I made, with no way in, and no way out. 🍩

Fort Island... I used to draw islands a lot. This one is my favorite.

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