Whilst I enjoy Sagrada and Roll Player, they really bring the analysis paralysis out of me like no other kind of game. 🤯

Hypothesis: people who defend Board Game Geek’s outdated layout design are not the sort of people trying to read the forums on their mobile phones. 📱👀

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Of the Jackbox Games series, was my fav cus I could both draw doodle that accurately communicate the secret phrase and I could make up good false phrases for everyone else’s drawings.

I’m also good at being spy master in , playing and generally good at or . I just wish I knew how I could turn those abstract communication skills into a career lol. 😆

board game folks: what's the new hotness. I'm thinking of buying one soon but I've been p disconnected from the scene

“Brexit: The Board Game of Second Chances™” kickstarter.com/projects/brexi

Not exactly the scenario in history I fancy reliving in board game form…

I mean every time I lose in the game it would be like revisiting that bizarre morning of realisation.

An Ewok, a Jawa, a failed Jedi, and a twelve year old urchin walk into a party.

No, it's not a pop culture joke, it's just our crusty old school D6 Star Wars tabletop RPG game.

There is a tension in the early planning stage.

Part of me wants to make it more 'gamery' with a drafting element. Another voice in my head thinks I should just accept a party game shouldn't be complex and just allow it to have the trappings of a trivia game.

There lies a doubt that the auction mechanic does much to differ the game. Wits & Wagers, there's a game where the mechanics really stand out from the pack.

The half baked point auction trivia game is the only one I'm interested in developing myself, if only because it's relatively easy to cobble some questions and poker chip VPs from other games I own.

Could easily test with my game group since I insist on party games as the first thing we do at the beginning before splitting up into heavier stuff.

i've only ever had one really good tabletop RPG pickup game, we:

- fired a warning shot at a dragon we were not supposed to kill, rolled five 20s in a row and accidentally hit and turned it into soup

- accidentally blew a stakeout because my vampire decided to read a book to look inconspicuous, rolled a 1, and turned out to be reading "the joy of necks"

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I love so much!

(For those not familiar, read from the beginning: giantitp.com/comics/oots0001.h There are a few print-only prequels, iirc, though.)

It’s clear to me that Asmodee Digital should consider making a video game adaption of Twilight Imperium. After all who else other than PC gamers have time to sit in front of a monitor for over 6 hours?

If you’re lucky to be the 0.05% who own an “unfortunately named” Keyforge deck, you can return it and get two decks back in return. That’s a 100% increase for your money! 😀


Although when I think about it... how is that any different from Geek Out?

It seems like the same game but with a different bidding mechanic, arguably mine is more convoluted 🤔

Sudden 💡 for a trivia game:

First phase is the unique part. A deck cards where you must list stuff. Then some sort of auction mechanic that will distribute the cards out. Maybe the auction would be paid in VP. This give people opportunities to try and get what they feel confident in, or drive up the bidding price.

Phase 2: People score by listing off as many agreed valid answers.

password generators are shit because they have to rely on the random number generators in your computers and software that the NSA obviously controls

the most secure password generator is putting a cat on your keyboard because nobody knows what the hell those devils think, not even the NSA
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