Hi, I'm new to Mastadon and this instance. My main character within 5e is a Lizardfolk Monk named 'Qin Bho'.

Other than that, I'm a DM who loves creating new mechanics and fixing combat within 5e

@qinbho Hello and welcome! I'm just one week into mastodon myself. It was confusing at first but I really like it here now =]

@qinbho how would you fix combat? Characters with less than half of their health being less effective?

@jonas The way I'm currently handling it is to make combat more gritty. Transferring the crit rules over from 3.5, and having a wider array of weapon quality to create a grander sense of vulnerability and or power over a group; the PCs battling High ranking Knights, and a group of dirt poor peasants respectively. It's early stages at the moment.

In terms of magic, I've opted for the variant Spell Points rule as stated within the DMG. Makes spell casters a bit more feared and fun to play.

@qinbho D&D is what you make of it. I've played a system where you roll damage dice, and it has 3 levels of severity. 1st is healable, 2nd is permanent but (hearing loss, loss of fingers, ...) and 3rd is major permanent (lost foot, leg, arm, hand ...) You can't heal lost limbs in that system :D

@jonas I like the sound of that! I've been doing some play testing with transferring over 3.5's Crit rules over as well as what should be the criteria for becoming /injured/ should the attack not be a crit.

How does your system work?

@qinbho It's too complex to explain in 1 toot :) But it's an existing game (Ambrosia) you can find on drivethrurpg. It has 4 levels of damage in 3 categories: Physical, mental and social. The concept is in the free book "a gathering of souls" page 11.

@jonas Aw sweet, I'll have to check it out! Thanks mate!

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